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App description: Fast-paced twin stick shoot 'em up arcade action with responsive dynamic controls.

As the Cube Defender, you'll battle against enemy forces in 3D landscape arenas across five different game modes with three difficulty levels.

Invasion - Transport ships are trying to colonize the area - repel the invaders.
Downpour - Survive as long as possible against a barrage of gunships raining down from orbit.
Gauntlet - Fight your way through tightly packed forces to escape as quick as you can.
Countdown - Survive long enough to charge the smart-bomb which will destroy all enemies.
King Of The Hill - Only score points for kills made from the top of the hill.

iPad & iPhone compatible
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ParkPosseGames's comments:

Also available for Android phones and tablets now on Google Play store and Amazon App Store
08-16-2012, 03:06 AM
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Well just bought this, love twin stick shooters and games with basic vector or in this case cube graphics !

App name could be shorter once you install it (as you get the ..'s - to think i criticised people who mentioned this before !

Anyway really like this, the 'camera shake' which you can turn off/low/high is great, so if you get hit obviously the screen shakes.

The graphics i love, its like the Atari VCS updated with filled in vectors. Left side is for direction, right for shooting, you see the controls if you touch the screen but it works really well, doesnt get in the way of the gameplay.

Well worth the money, shall recommend this to my friends.

For me this has been a quiet week so far (Just Random Heroes) so this arriving has made it better. Nice game, please lets have more in the future!
08-16-2012, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by psj3809 View Post
App name could be shorter once you install it (as you get the ..'s - to think i criticised people who mentioned this before !
I know unfortunately iPhone/iPod length of names isn't great, it's fine on iPad and also Android devices, but I can't have different names for iPhone and and iPad

Really glad to hear you like the game though, if you get any specific feedback, let me know.

I'm hoping to finish off the next game mode for it in the next week with luck, and then the usual 1-2 weeks of review queue so hopefully won't take too long to appear!


Cube Defender, available on iOS and Android now.