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App Marketing

08-18-2015, 01:02 PM
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App Marketing

Hi All,

Brand new to the forums, avid game player, and an even better marketer. Basically, this is all I should have to write:

I control 80,000,000 followers on Twitter through 28 separate twitter accounts. I've done 4 campaigns for apps in the last 3 months, and the amount of downloads that I drove to the apps are 18,000, 24,000, 26,000, and 47,000.

I am looking for a developer who can make F2P games or someone who is a part of a project where they have made progress towards an F2P (like Candy Crush) and needs a way to market this game. In four campaigns, three of them were trending in the U.S. on Twitter, one of those three was the #1 trend in the U.S. while the American Country Music Awards was AIRING(ACMA was #2 behind our app), and a different app was trending worldwide (#7).

I have absolutely zero experience in game development, I have just played every one under the sun and understand the kind of money an F2P gaming app can generate with the right marketing campaign.

Shoot me a DM if you're interested. I am willing to speak with anyone about this. Even starting the development of an app from scratch and investing our own money into it with the goal of pushing it through my network.
Thanks all,


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