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Lite Version (Too Much, Too Little)

06-04-2009, 11:29 PM
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Lite Version (Too Much, Too Little)


My game has 3 game modes (Arcade, Time Attack, and Practice).

The basic premise of the game is you're the quarterback hitting targets while they run routes the coach picks (or you audible to).

Game Modes:
Arcade is now 4 quarters, 2 minutes per.
Time Attack is just 2 minutes.
Practice has no time limit and no moving targets.

For a "Lite" version, I was thinking of just allowing Practice mode where targets don't move, but you can practice throwing.

Is that not enough for a lite version?

Any thoughts would be helpful.
06-04-2009, 11:48 PM
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Amount of content is always a tough call with lite versions. No matter what, you will have many idiots complaining with bad reviews saying "not enough content". Duh, it's a lite version. You can't worry about that to much though. You want to entice the customer without giving them so much that they say "yeah that was fun, but I got my fix."

In regards to your game, it sounds like a pretty good plan. It's hard to say without having played your game though. You may want to make a unique version with a slightly annoyingly short time limit.

Take a look at lite versions that have gone on to generate high paid sales. Some that I have been convinced by include: Amateur Surgeon, Black Mamba, theseus, rolando, and zen bound lite versions. I don't know if this was very helpful. I am currently working on a game as well and wondering what should go into the lite version also. It's a tough call coach.