App description: Our first title takes cues from the early arcade games of the 80's. Featuring six unique and challenging levels, each with its own boss, two modes of difficulty, and a variety of power-ups, this game will challenge even the most experienced gamers.

- Simple, intuitive controls
- Old-school gameplay
- Six unique and challenging levels
- Six powerful bosses
- Multiple weapons including plasma, laser and wave types
- A variety of power-ups including orbital ship satellites to increase your firepower
- A devastating charged-shot attack
- Two modes of difficulty

We hope you enjoy playing our game as much as we did creating it!
02-21-2015, 04:39 AM
Just to let you know, the relative touch controls are spot on. Visually it doens't catch me too much but i couldn't resist on a R-Type sidescrolling shmup. The reason probably that i totally overlooked having no Gamecenter. Ahh, yeah, no screen orientation as well. Homebutton on the left on my 5s, so personally that's an acceptable miss, earplugs talking.
02-21-2015, 05:01 AM
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Thanks for letting me know. Don't care for game centre but no screen orientation sounds odd. If an update has that I'll buy it