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App description: COLUMBIA GAMES, INC. brings you the legendary card game of ice hockey loonery...

Slapshot is a fast-paced card game for ice-hockey nuts. Each player must skillfully manage a team, make the playoffs, and then win the championship. You try to improve your team with trades and drafts, but to make the playoffs you must cope with injuries and win your share of hockey games. Play against up to five opponents.

LordGek's comments:
Slapshot is a fun beer & pretzels card game about hockey team management.

Put together your dream team via drafts and trades in hopes of eventually winning the cup.

Gameplay is quick and easy to pickup. Each turn it is up to you to decide if you want to draft a new player (basically discard a player and draw a new card), trade with another team (you get to draw a random card from his team and then need to trade him one of your players for it), or play a game against one of the other teams. Another player can never refuse a match or trade, but by the very manner of how trades work, you still might end up on the losing end. With your team of 6 players (each given a numerical value of 0-9) to then engage the other players in quick 6 round matches of War. Every challenge won in a match is a goal for the winning team and the team with the most goals wins the match (in case of a tie the two teams go into sudden death with the next goal scored winning the match).

While the play isn't super deep there is still a fair amount of strategy. If you want to spend a turn mucking around trying to improve your team, it only means another opportunity to win a match is lost and winning the most matches in a season is the only way you'll ever make it to the playoffs and then, in a 7 game series against the second place team, hope to win the cup! Also, even if you have already formed the near perfect team of all high valued players, the other players will be more likely to spend their turns forcing trades against you or engaging you in matches in hopes of injuring (a small handful of players in he game are considered bruisers and, even if they lose in a player to player matchup, the other player is immediately discarded and replaced with a new random draw) some of your super studly 8 and 9 point players. By the same token, if your team is pathetic, going up against a player with multiple bruisers could be a cheap way for you to replace multiple players in a single turn.

All in all good fun with but it is iPhone only and lacks any sort of career stats (once you finish a season, that's it). The dev promises some sort of career stat tracking in an upcoming update once he gets more feedback on the type of stats we players would most like tracked.


08-24-2012, 08:41 AM
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Game Impressions

So has anyone else given this a try? What do you guys think of it?

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