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App description: Become an industrial tycoon, an excellent builder and the world-beating miner!
Obtain resources and experience, get a pet and monsters, construct and upgrade buildings!
Whether researching mastery in all things is within scope of your abilities?

- Obtain resources by clicking the block
- Craft pickaxes and borers from the resources obtained earlier
- Get idle cash, even when you are offline or afk
- Level up, finding rare ores and minerals
- Use enchanting to improve your tools and get more resources
- Construct amazing buildings from the resources obtained earlier
- Select your own way of development the economy: passive or active income
- Get profit from daily awards
- New function: the alchemy - allows studying and using pots
- Automate production of resources and lvl by force of such animals and monsters as: chicken, golem, zombie, dragon, shriveler, herobrine
- Get 30 types of resources, including: diamonds, gold, coal, iron, emeralds
- No internet connection needed

Become the most successful miner!
Become the best builder in the world!
And the rich man what were not seen before!

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Cmaujluk's comments:
Hi Guys! Tell me pls what do you think about my new game? Thanks.

Clicker Mine Mania 2 is an excellent representative of the genre of clickers.
The game includes the best ideas of Mineraft: dig, build, animals!

You have a long way to go!
You start with a simple - get resources by dig bock of dirt with using your hand, but soon, you can create all the best and best picks, and in the end you can create an automatic drill, and use it.
In the course of the game, you will be able to spend the earned resources to build the building of your dreams, and then be able to improve them!
And to help you in this difficult way will be animals and monsters that will bring resources, experience and rare emeralds.
And also auxiliary mechanics - the enchantments, the potions of alchemy, the wheel of fortune and much more.

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