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Shadowrest Saga: Quick adventures

08-26-2012, 05:50 PM
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Shadowrest Saga: Quick adventures

Hi rpg fans.

This release is still quite a bit away, but a lot of the assets for this game is done, so as unknown IT-consultant dudes we will just throw it out there to try catch some interest and gain some feedback from people who would enjoy playing our game.

A week or so back I mailed Multimage, the creator of 'King Cashing' that the game we are developing could sound a bit like his KC2. Now, I must admit, that for the platform, premisess and gameplay, KC is one of my personal longest staying game on the 'pad (so buy it if you havn't !) and nowhere in the darkest pits of the damned would I challenge him or the kin for customers. We are not catering for cover orange or sweet birds/pigs/melons cuting down the rope. We are niche, we are in it for the fun and not the cash.

So, with that little introduction, if you like games like Farogal, King Cashing, Tower of Fortune and perhaps battle slots RPG, our game migh be just up YOUR alley. If the only games worthy of your time is angry bird, fruit ninja and "Zy*** rips you off and make cute graphics", our game is not for you. Sorry to make you read so far.

So, what are we up to ? Hundreds ( and I mean hundreds) of unique hand painted arts of situations, weapons, armoury and skills. Choose your hero (or band of heroes, still not decided ), weapon type and skillset.

The core of the game is the battle screen, where you get a randomly selected skillset (from choosen skills, and increased level of profiancy as you choose to prefere a style over othe other), and can opt to play with them or try get something better. A fist in broad daylight towards the head of a plate-clad warrior is perhaps not as effective as a dagger thrown from the dark deapths in the foggy nights towards that cloth-wearing pesky mage-wannabee.

Quick playtimes, a party can die within 30 mins. Then again, your party can be god-mode in the same 30 mins.

For the platform and audience, the idea is to have:

-Short random story driven RPG with few, but fatal choices, randomly created based on your previous desicions.
-Hundreds of skills and items, all unique with uique art (try beat that, open challenge to all)
-Completion score by survival, luck, skill and choices.
-Visusual art, turn based, skill and luck based.
-Short play, urge to play again to do better, find the other loot, do the other path.

Anyway. To see the concep I include today what is nearing the end of the battle screen, witch is the main area of the game. And here we see a pure Ka-Zabarist (that would be martial arts for you lot) trying heads on against the Blade Dancer. Could be lucky, but a skilled boxer vs Drizzt Do'Urden... where do you put your money.

IAP: Not sure, but 'if yes', would be different setups/content only. Example: 'Bard skill reel 1, no advantages to any other playable class, but different skills and art'. 'Quest set: Mountain of doom. Rewards: no other than regular game, but different places and monsters to be fought'
UNIVERSAL: NO, sorry. We are cramming the game to fit a old iPhone. Retina display will give a perfect iPAD 3 experience, but for the full ipad retina game, we will design something similar but different.
GC: You want it, you get it. Who got the highest critical, who managed to loot most gold in a 100 days, who fought the toughest bosses and survived. High risk= high score.

Open for input, trying to create a game that is 'us', and still having an audience out there.. you know who you are.. 30-40 years old. I dont need to tell you how you spent your 80's and 90's. But we are there with you.

08-29-2012, 04:46 AM
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And a little video of the skills being rolled and 'locked'. PLayer gets limited amount of rerolls per round, represented with 'energy'.

Also in vid a couple of the opponents.

Hm, got some problems with the embed code here, link is