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App description: DotQuest is an epic tale of a brave man on a quest to save the world from Satan and his forces of evil. The game features a large number of items and skills, all there to aid you in the battle against Satan.
On your way you will be accompanied with a party allowing you to devise different strategies during combat. Each character levels up individually and so do his weapon skills the more he uses a specific weapon.

DotQuest is an old school 2D RPG (Role Playing Game).
Recent RPGs just focus on graphics and tend to be too complicated.
DotQuest tries to break from the majority of modern RPGs by being simple and easy to understand.
In addition DotQuest has weapon and magic learning level making the experience that more interesting.

If you need tips on completing the game, or are just stuck please visit:
08-27-2012, 01:55 PM
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Hello I started this thread to get people's opinion on this game. I also heard that there is a Japanese sequel for this game. I'm gonna see what I can do to get the sequel in English. Also if anyone has anything they want to share for this game or company, just post it on this thread.
08-27-2012, 11:47 PM
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I'd like to know if someone has this game too, didn't find any reviews despite the game seemingly having an Android version released in February.

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08-29-2012, 05:47 AM
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Game Impressions

All in all I enjoyed the game. Nothing too hard and requires a little bit of grinding to have full access to skills and magic (I never finished gathering all the skills).

The translation was kind of bad in spots, but nothing you shouldn't be able to be able to make out.

I managed to beat the game at level 35, it was a little tricky during the final boss fight, but it wasn't impossible. If their are any questions I can probably help. There is also a wiki page they created that can be accessed through the title screen or menu screen....which was also kinda poorly translated, but still readable.

And as always with most RPGs, make sure to talk to everyone in a town/castle, it will definitely help with forward progress.