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App description: "Incredible production values, fantastic level design, and wonderful gameplay along with a great challenge, its very easy to recommend this first title from Rebel Twins." -The App Shack

"What makes Night Flight stand out the most are the impressive graphics. Not only are the graphics well-designed but they are also imaginative. It was like being trapped in a little kids nightmare. I loved the style of the game, and I couldnt get enough of the little teddy bears personality" -148Apps

"Dodging seeking missiles adds an exhilaration to the aerial acrobatics, and for those who enjoy flying arcade action, this purchase certainly won't steer you wrong." -AppSpy

Do you want your freedom back? Speed up, dont be afraid and let the journey
A little teddy, courageous though not prepared to survive in such a place,
awakes in a large toy factory. It looks like he just realized he's trapped. Be
brave and help him to take flight on his journey to freedom! Collect gold
stars, defeat enemies and discover explosive power-ups!

Hours of gameplay
Colorfull 3D graphics
Intuitive Touch controls
Challenging and varied levels
Non-stop action!
Online Leaderboards: compare scores with players from around the world
Facebook and Twitter integration
Game Center Leaderboards

Keep your eyes wide open and get ready for something amazing!

Optimized for iPad3, iPad 2 and the new iPad mini
PLEASE NOTE: iPad (1st gen) devices NOT SUPPPORTED.

rebel twins's comments:

Night Flight - Official Trailer:

Night Flight: http://itunes.apple.com/app/night-flight/id544012514?l=pl&ls=1&mt=8
Night Flight HD: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/night-flight-hd/id553779420?l=pl&ls=1&mt=8
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This looks really nice! I am looking forward to impressions.

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wound up getting this because of Squarezero's impressions in the iPhone thread... I got both builds (sd + hd) after playing the first two levels in the sd version. It's a great game. I'll just go ahead and quote zero...

Originally Posted by squarezero View Post
I had a chance to play through most of stage 1 (7/8 levels). The first 2 or 3 are clearly tutorials (though they are not labeled as such), gently introducing gameplay elements while giving you an opportunity to get used to the controls. In fact, the first six levels were all fairly short; level 7 proved to be much longer and challenging; if the rest of the levels are that long, the game may indeed live up to the promise of "hours of gameplay."

Basically, Night Flight is a polished, fairly gorgeous-looking puzzle 2.5D "platformer". You play a teddy bear trying to escape from a demented toy factory (no explanation of why you ended up there) on a little toy plane. Controls are simple: tap on the left to rotate left, tap on the right to rotate right. Each level is made up of a variety of obstacles and environmental features/hazards: your objective is to collect as many stars as possible, find the remote control that opens the level door, and make your way to the exit without destroying your plane. There are also power ups including magnets (which allow you to collect stars from farther away) and rocket boosts. Some levels are fairly straightforward; other are pretty intricate, even making use of the 3D environments. There a many nice detailed touches that make you smile, like the way the bear hoots and hollers when you do a loop, and a nice use of close-ups and slow-mo at the appropriate moment.

At the end of a level you are evaluated based on stars collected, time, max speed. I had yet to do better than 2/3 stars.

I won't comment on the iPad pricing policy (I've been playing on my 4S, but I could see this working well on a larger screen). But it certainly seems worth the small price of admission -- so far at least.
**and by the time I hit the 3rd level on my 4th gen, the game's performance started suffering quite a bit... so if you've got both an iPad and a 4th gen, I'd stick with the HD build...

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