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App description: GROOVE CATCH Major Upate!
First major update today(Jan.28,2016) on iPhone & iPad.

Update Mini Games.
There are three modes in the game.
Keyboard mode: Press when falling cubic and keyboard are crossed.
Catch Mode : In Catch Mode, the objective is to catch the falling fruits and items through 'TAP' and moving left or right.
Tap mode : The objective of the TAP mode is to 'tap' or 'hold' when the timeline moving up and down overlaps with the cubics.

We support various artists activities with Groove Catch payment earnings. We expect your interest and love in paid songs from now on.

Groove Catch is made for music industry and artist, and is also social platform that artist and fans could communicate each other.

Free Music
Hatsune Miku's First Lesson
twururun telephone Feat.Hatsune Miku
Techno* doll feat. Hatsune Miku
Spica Feat.Hatsune Miku
Yellow Feat.Hatsune Miku
Desktop My Girl Feat.Hatsune Miku
MAGNET LOVE Feat.Hatsune Miku
Break up rain
Left Right feat. Hatsune Miku
King and Jack are busy
Strawberry on the shortcake
Me&My Baby On The Brand New Planet
Daytime Sky
Nighttime Lights
Game On
Try your magic spell
Love of red moon
Morgenglut 2012
Belong To Yo
Last@Time Feat.Mizuka
Koi Ni Ochitara
Mizutama Landscape
True in the sky
Let me know
Kaede Newtown
shuwa-shuwa lazy days
Last@Time Feat.Hatsune Miku
Turned around Fortuna
Space of Reverie
Twinkle Magic
you will find
Trancetic Mode
Music Rendez-vous
Reverie (Shiverz Remix)
Into your eyes
Fytch - Just Like Gold (feat. Naika)
Jim Yosef & Side-B Feat. Q'Aila - On Our Way
It's my dream!
Minamo Feat.Hatsune Miku
Sandbox networks
True Friend - Love Roallercoaster
NOZOMI music
RETORO Feat.Hatsune Miku
Reach For The Sky
update coming soon.
Rosen Vampir
Kira X Kira X Kira X Kira
nine day
Futari wa journey
Three promiss
Beautiful Kill
Girly Song
Spiral Girl

Paid music
King and Jack are busy feat.Hatsune Miku
Break up rain feat.Hatsune Miku
Orange Mistery
Kagami No Naka No Actress
Natsu No Mirage
Master Piece
BABY I LOVE U (English Ver.)
Lovers' ABC
Magical girls feat. The Lady Spade
New Electric
Trillion Starlights
Happy Song
update coming soon.
Dance in the memories
Pack Up My Sorrow
Kyoteizinc (Video Mix)


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08-29-2012, 09:28 AM
Joined: Nov 2008
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As always, I purchased this game and I like the overall package! The game comes with 14 songs with the initial purchase, and more songs can be purchased (for $1 each) but they are promising more free songs.

Here are some pros and cons:

- beautiful artwork and animated backgrounds during gameplay
- great music (J-pop haters beware)
- four gamplay modes with 3 difficulty levels (in other words each song has 12 levels)
- Smooth and straight forward gameplay
- keysounded notes for a portion of the songs
- Mission objectives for unlocking songs
- point multipliers based on speed
- Plenty of content

- Pricey if you want all the content (roughly $15. For the paid songs)
- No leaderboards
- Only a portion of the songs are keysounded
- some "free" songs require you to rate the app or post on a SNS

Overall I'm happy with this well produced game, but without leaderboards I cannot give two thumbs up for a purchase... Just one and a half thumbs up for now.

"I have nothing to say, and I'm saying it" - John Cage
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09-02-2012, 09:17 AM
Game Impressions

My thumbs are hurting but I`m freaking loving it!

When someone told me that I should give the Game a try my first Question was if it`s another Guitar-Hero Clone where I pretty much will destroy my fingers with it since a.) I`m not used to those kind of Games anymore and b.) simply will make myself look like an Clown when I will record it. All I got back was...

Just press the Buy Button, you won`t regret it (^.^)

Since I usually listen to her when she tells me to give a Game a try I kinda had mixed Feelings about it because of the current Price Tag even she had raised my expectations a little bit since she is normally the one that tells me how expensive Apps are and that many of those aren`t worth the Price-Tag ^^

I thought first that she wanted to get every of my fingers broaken...

The first Time I loaded the Game up I tried the Keyboard-/Screentouch Modes with the result that after a few Minutes of playing I was so close to break my iPad in two pieces and give her a call if she wanted to kill me with the Game since it was as I had expected it:

I hated this Guitar Hero Clone with that usual Touching System that I had learned to hate over the last couple of Years till...

Well just before I wanted to load her Number up and tell her what I was thinking I realized that the Game does contain two other Modes that I hadn`t noticed till then -> Catch- /Gyro-Mode.

...I had realized that there are two more Modes that pretty much turned the hole "I hate this Game so much" into "I freaking love it so much!"

Those two Modes changed everything. While it`s true that the Tracks are awesome...

...or the Version of Cutie Pai - Techno Doll and, and, and,... those two Modes made me actually enjoy the Gameplay too and not only enjoy the Tracks and that`s something Special in my Case since I usualy regret even playing those Guitar Hero Clones the Moment I load them up on my iPhone.

To come finally to an End:

I`m pretty sure that as soon as Game Center and some other things that Maythius has already mentioned get fixed/added the Game will find it`s Fans.

Till then I will enjoy my Left/Rights Running Around Moment and listen to great Music.