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08-29-2012, 11:17 AM
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Might be time to upgrade my ancient iPad1. I'd love to play this one on it!
08-29-2012, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by diffusion8r View Post
I hate to blow up the bandwagon, but in my opinion on the PC this game was pretty generic and boring. It's probably going to be amazing for the standard expected for iPad but I just couldn't get into it. For some reason, it gave me the same feel Guerilla Bob (if you remember that) gave me for the iOS app store at the time it came out - pretty but just mediocre.

Still worth trying at $5.
meh... you are probably the one of the rare few who didn't enjoy Bastion. Everyone has different expectations of games though! I have also been disappointed with some universally praised games.

The game caught me the moment the narration started. The gameplay is pretty fun too..although I suck and kept falling off the ledges. However gameplay isn't the only thing that makes bastion stands out. The beautiful art, the dynamic narration, the way the story is told(multiple endings too), some truly emotive scenes and the beautiful beautiful tracks all come together to create a great game.

It is priced pretty low too at $5? It is quite a big middle finger to all 'premium' indie appstore developers who are complaining about apps being priced too low."Look..here is a port of a multiple awards winning game on multiple platforms being offered lower than your premium ios games"

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08-29-2012, 11:31 AM
Man doesn't anyone have a NZ account so they can tell us how it plays?!
08-29-2012, 11:32 AM
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Oh. No. After a year or more of dreaming of playing this on the iPhone, I should have known the developers would pull an "can only work on a larger screen".

This and TWEWY on the same week... This is the week the iPad became a RPG gaming giant, and many of you fellas became utterly broke

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08-29-2012, 11:34 AM
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Bandwagon? Bastion? Now I've heard it all. This game was beloved by a large majority.
08-29-2012, 11:39 AM
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Hmm, I guess it was just because when I got it for Steam it was hyped and praised as the second coming of Mario (obviously the gameplay is different but in regards to quality/influence). And I just simply couldn't get it, just like I couldn't get either version of Lostwinds. I don't know :L

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08-29-2012, 11:44 AM
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There's a nice FAQ about the iPad version on their website:


Including some beautiful retina screenshots, woot!

Can't wait.
08-29-2012, 11:51 AM
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" Also, due to the nature of the iPad’s screen, Bastion for iPad is presented in a 4:3 aspect ratio "
This..worries me.
08-29-2012, 11:52 AM
Originally Posted by violentv View Post
This..worries me.
You would have preferred they release it letterboxed? How would you have handled the change in aspect ratio differently?
08-29-2012, 11:53 AM
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After rising the FAQ, instabuy for me. $5 is a very reasonable price for what sounds like an excellent port.

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