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iPhone: Chickie Dominos 1.1 is out! $1.99

06-07-2009, 09:17 AM
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Chickie Dominos 1.1 is out! $1.99

*** 1.1 is out with minor bug fixes and enhancements ***

Mindlube Games is pleased to announce “Chickie Dominos” for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Play dominos with Southwestern style! Chickie Dominos, the traditional dominos game known as "Chicken Foot", has the unique 3-toe pattern that makes every round of dominos fun! Play all your dominos before your opponent, or your dominos turn into eggs and points count against you! You will be a dominos fan in no time with the quick Learn to Play tutorial, and standard swipe and pinch controls.

  • Original funky soundtrack (or listen to your iPod music)
  • Play vs. iPhone / iPod (Easy, Medium or Hard game)
  • Play vs. friend (2-Player game)
  • Double-6 dominos set
  • 7-round game
  • Southwestern - Barnyard theme and sound effects
  • Play at your own pace and continue game anytime
  • Quick "Learn to Play" tutorial included
  • Standard iPhone controls: swipe to move & pinch to zoom
  • Online hi-scores
  • Powered by the advanced Unity3D game engine, Chickie Dominos offers appealing graphics and smooth gameplay, and is optimized for your battery-life.
Price: $2.99

Website URL including screenshots:

iTunes Store URL

I have 20 promotional codes available for TouchArcade readers- just email me alex [at] mindlube.com if you want one!


Alex R (developer)
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06-07-2009, 09:19 AM
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06-07-2009, 09:36 AM
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06-07-2009, 09:47 AM
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06-07-2009, 09:57 AM
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06-07-2009, 10:39 AM
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Thanks everyone! only a handful of promo codes left. Get 'em while they are hot!
06-07-2009, 10:43 AM
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I played this last week and I have to say, this was a lot more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be. It's well-appointed, uses the Unity engine for top-down 3D visuals (not strictly necessary but add a nice touch), has pinch zoom features, automatic orientation of the dominoes as they're placed, automatic reconfiguration of the playfield when things start to get crowded, and pretty enjoyable gameplay overall for anyone who likes dominoes. (Not the sort where you make a series of them fall. The actual game you're suppose to play with them.)

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06-07-2009, 10:50 AM
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Well done fun

I got this game yesterday and think it's a well done game. It would be nice to be able to mute just the music and keep the game sounds also an option to play with a larger tile range so the rounds last longer maybe even just shuffleing the tiles at least once. I would recomend this game to anyone as it is easy to learn and fun to play. With any luck wifi will also be added in an update.
06-07-2009, 01:02 PM
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I'd like to see what this is all about. E-mail sent.