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Lemegeton is Coming this October

09-02-2012, 08:19 PM
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What's better than killing some demons in Halloween? Lemegeton is Coming this October

After a year since EnbornX release, we are about to release our second game title Lemegeton. Lemegeton is a side-scrolling action game.
It happens in a ruins Craco located in Italy. You play as a special agent Sabio who work for mystery organization. He is go after a traitor Pecador who stole the vital item, Solomon Ring. Meanwhile, something unusual happening inside Craco.

*The Game
Monsters are everwhere inside ruins Craco. Sabio has to fight their all and find the traitor. Everytime you beat bosses, you get earn new abilities and equipments to upgrade your character. Some of them help you to beat next bosses and some abilities let you explore new area. Some demons are smart. They block your way but no fight with you. Instead of fight them down, you are required to do quest in order to get pass.
You can earn coins by killing enemy. Alchemist Noiva, who you meet at the first quarter of the game progress, can use those coins to make useful item for you.

There also hidden features for you to discover. There are 40+ weapons. Some of them are easy to get. Some of them are little bit tricky to find out. And for all of you who support us in our previous title EnbornX, we have a small gift for you.

The game would separated into 4 episodes. As the original game design is huge. There would be 3 large updates come after episode 1. For each episode, there are new ability, new items, new playable characters and new areas for explore.

Lemegeton integrates with Scoreloop, and Game Center on iOS. There would be 8 achievements in episode 1. Not sure would have a leaderboard or not yet.

Good News! You can get Lemegeton for FREE at appstore. You can try it for free and pay for the full game just $2.99 (to be confirmed).

- auto save
- 3D Graphics, support New iPad Retina Display.
- iCade support
- Optimizated for XperiaPlay
- English/Japanese/Chinese Languages

Lemegeton will be Available for iPhone/iPad and Android. Coming Soon on October

Feel free to leave us comments.
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09-15-2012, 11:32 PM
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Post updated

Promo artwork and a new video are added.
09-24-2012, 05:12 AM
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Lemegeton is uploaded to iTuneConnect for review and will be available upon approved

Android version will be available at 5 October.