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Introduction to Tapit

09-04-2012, 04:54 PM
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Introduction to Tapit

I am proud to introduce the TapIt Mobile Advertising Platform to the community.

TapIt is a global mobile advertising company that works with the largest advertisers and agencies direct and through our Self-Serve Marketplace.

We are excited to announce our recent plugins/wrappers for the amazing frameworks used to develop iOS and Android games and Apps. http://support.tapit.com/forums/2081...n-help-plugins

We have introduced some amazing new ad units that are paying developers up to $10eCPM, as well as providing a host of ad units like traditional banners, interstitials, etc. Our Ad Units: http://tapit.com/publishers/available-ad-types

We also provide a FREE Mediation platform and house to enable developers to get maximum yield, without all the headaches. Free Mediation: http://support.tapit.com/entries/218...iation-setting

We are running a contest for all developers this month. Its so cool, you can even win a Rolex Watch J Contest Details:http://tapit.com/rewards/dev/

We are dedicated to our developers, and geeks at heart. Help us put more money in your pocket and lets have some fun!

Feel free to ping me via:
-Forum PM

-Email: zt@tapit.com
-gChat: zt@tapit.com

-Skype: tapit.zac
Or any one of our developer support staff support@tapit.com to learn more.

Looking forward to connecting.



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09-06-2012, 03:49 PM
Joined: Aug 2012
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My goal is to respect the rules, the community and try to add as much value as I possibly can in the form of education on monetization.💩

Ideally, I am looking to build relationships as well as get adoption on new tools and products TapIt is rolling out.💩

We are rolling out our RTB exchange and I am looking to get more developers familiarized with RTB and help them understand the value that Real Time Bidding will bring to💩their💩ad inventory.💩

We have also rolled out💩FREE to mediation to developers, from which TapIt makes no money.💩

The goal is to provide developers with the tools they need in order to get the most benefit from monetizing their apps with ads.

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