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App description: Greedy Mik is a tap, Tap, TAP! Island defence game where requires fast reflex, continuous tapping, and use of strategy in combination of your fruit weapons and ultimate.

The story begun a hungry and greedy little monkey, Mik, cast away onto a deserted magical island which made of delicious sweets and candy. While Mik was about to have the whole island as his treat, a swarm of hungry fishes surrounds Mik and was also here for this feast. The only one that can stop these hungry fishes from snatching away this tasty treat is you, The Greedy Mik, arm yourself with your coconut and fruit weapons because the war was just about to begin.

**Game Features**

Intense tapping

Tap, Tap, Tap! The game which frantic fingers are needed to keep the fishes away. Acquire randomized fruit weapons off from the wooden boxes and fight towards your goal.

Powerful Ultimate

Collect anger and unleash a powerful ultimate that will clean up the swarm of fishes for you, How cool is that?

All kinds of fishes

A total of 12 kinds of colorful fishes and 1 evil boss character, each with their unique characteristics and skills.

Upgrade your fruit weapons

Kill the fishes to collect combos and earn gold. Upgrade your fruit weapons to stop them from eating your island.

Weapons include a shotgun banana, machinegun grape, pineapple bomb and more...

Endless Mode
Finish off the story mode to unlock the Endless Mode, keep fighting, earning more points, survive through stages!

GreedyMik's comments:
Hello Guys,

Greedy Mik Lite is officially in the app store!


09-05-2012, 04:33 AM
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