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App description: Join It is the jigsaw puzzle game wich lets you vividly experience assembling a jigpicturesaw puzzle anywhere you can take your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Absolutely intuitive controls bring the game close to it's real life counterpart.

A myriad of difficulty options make the game playable for all levels and ages with the comfortable play remaining constant throughout.

While developing Join It we sought to take full advantage of the capabilities of a multi-touch screen in order to bring the game closest to reality. We are confident players will have as much fun with Join It as we had creating it.


1. Unique and intuitive controls
2. Four different puzzle shapes
3. New images can be added directly from the Photo Library or from other online sources
4. Puzzles with up to 500 pieces on the iPad and with up to 300 on the iPhone
5. Zooming functions
6. A selection of 130 HD images in the in-app inventory
7. A variety of backgrounds to chose from
8. Timer and top score tracking
9. Game Center Support - 4 Leaderboards: Total Score, Best Game Result, Number of Puzzles Solved and Total Gaming Time


-Reference picture can be hidden with the top slider in the Settings menu
-Sticking can also be turned off in the same Settings



Join It allows you to use a variety of gestures and features for interesting, realistic game play. 
- One-Finger Movement & Rotation - Touch one side of the puzzle piece to move, rotate or join it to another. 
- Direct Movement & Rotation - Touch the puzzle piece with one finger and game table with another to move with more control. 
- Pinch to Zoom - Use two fingers to zoom the game table in or out as with usual iPad images. 
- Magnetic Pieces - Two connecting pieces join together with magnetic force when close to each other. 
- Destroy the Heap - Double tap to scatter the initial proposed puzzle apart to start game play or to scatter a heap of pieces. 
- Grab & Move - Use three to five fingers to move a number of pieces at a time or to put some aside in a heap. 
- Reference Image Sticking Optional helping tool that can be turned on or off in the Settings, permitting players to place puzzle pieces directly on the original image.  If correctly placed, the pieces will lock into position to facilitate assembly. 


Please visit Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle game website for detailed feature information. Also we appreciate all your feedbacks, so please send us your comments either on Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle website or right here on the App Store.

join_it's comments:
d-Studio, Ltd. is glad to announce a major update of Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle.

Starting from version 2.0 Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle has received iPhone and iPod support.


To find more information please visit the main Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle thread on the TouchArcade Forums.

Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad, iPhone and iPod on the App Store: link
The Game website: link

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09-06-2012, 09:30 AM
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CONTEST TIME! Get a chance to win $100 and $50 of iTunes Gift Cards!

For almost two years of our project life we have received a lot of feedbacks from our users. The most of the users thanks to us. And it is fair - we deserve it
However, some people think that assembling puzzles with Join It is difficult and nearly to impossible. Lets refute this opinion! Let's show our great results to unbelievers!

Specially for a launch of a major update of Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle app d-Studio, Ltd. is going to reward the most active users with one $100 and three $50 iTunes Gift Cards (considering general activity the number of Gift Cards can be increased).

  1. Install a Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle app (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id400711305?mt=8).
  2. From time to time publish results of your assembled puzzles on Twitter and Facebook from Join It app.
  3. Follow and Like us on Twitter and Facebook.
  4. Retweet this message on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

  • The following points will be reviewing within the Contest:
  • Post periodicity on Twitter and Facebook about puzzles assembled via Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle.
  • The difficulty of the assembled puzzles will be considered.
  • The social activity of the users, i.e. sharing news about Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle and this Contest.
  • Game Centre activity is a plus.
NOTE: The more great results you achieve and share, the better chances you have to WIN.

Sounds easy? Then wait a minute! Starting with Join It 2.0 you will have much more competitors! Because Join It has become available on iPhone and iPod as well!
Are you ready? Oh… wait again! We have additional challenge for you! With new version on iPad the maximum number of pieces is increased to 500!

The Contest is held from September 7, 2012 till September 22, 2012.
It will take one week for Join It team to analyse and work out all the results and announce winners on September 28, 2012.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

For more information you contact us on Join It Website Feedback Page page.
Official Contest Page: http://joinitpuzzle.com/contest