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App description: *** Project: Mayhem is currently crashing at start-up on iOS 8, we are actively working on a fix and will have it submitted ASAP ***

Project: Mayhem is a fast paced platformer where you play as Mayhem, a biologically engineered weapon of mass destruction, trying to escape the clutches of his evil clones and, his creator, the mad scientist. During his escape Mayhem will run, jump and slide his way around obstacles such as spikes, electricity and the many forms of his evil clones.

Can you make it?

135 levels spanning 2 game modes!
4 medals per level that will reward you accordingly!
Unique and intuitive touch controls!
Vivacious yet elegantly crafted music!
Gorgeous artwork that leads you through the story of Mayhem!
Game Center achievements and leaderboards!
An in game store where you can spend your hard earned Mayhem Bucks to purchase accessories, gadgets and much much more!
Regular FREE updates with new game modes and levels that constantly challenge and amaze you!

Follow the story of Mayhem through adventure mode. You will learn the ins and outs of Project: Mayhem through a fun and intellectually designed learning system that steadily teaches you the fundamentals.

Take Project: Mayhem to the next level with conquest mode. This uber challenging setting will pit you against the very fabric of what Project: Mayhem is. You will need skill, wit and patience to conquer these arduous levels.

eAdvisory's comments:

i didnt see this game posted yet, it looks amazing though!!
09-07-2012, 12:56 AM
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Anyone snapped this one up yet? Thoughts?
09-07-2012, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by ramon31 View Post
Anyone snapped this one up yet? Thoughts?
micro-platform-speedrunner with a lot of trial and error (dying!). regardless, i rushed through chapter one (of four) in about 3 minutes (last level took me about 2min of it).

one thing i liked is air-control (as being an old QW/Q3 player)... music is annoying after 1 minute... all together pretty mediocre at best (go and play mikey instead, or cheeseman if you prefer dying)

edit: seen no IAPs/currency/bananas
edit edit: ah ok, there is also a store (with "cash", nice variety)... but still found no IAP

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09-07-2012, 07:39 AM
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How are the controls?
09-07-2012, 10:06 AM
Here's a review I wrote on this game:

Project: Mayhem is a new side scrolling adventure on mobile devices developed by OneSmartBunny. You play as a little green guy called Mayhem. As seen in the intro animation, Mayhem is a biologically engineered weapon of mass destruction, tr
ying to escape from his evil clones and their creator.

When you first start out the levels are very simplistic in design, which we assume is in order to acquaint you with the game. As you progress throughout the chapters, you will be presented with new and harder challenges to overcome in finishing each level that will build upon previous skills learned. Successfully completing this levels will earn you "Mayhem Bucks" which can be used to buy some small apparel items currently, as well as undisclosed items planned for future updates. In addition you earn medals for hitting key marks during the levels.

The controls for the game are very simplistic, with a left and right movement option, and a duck or jump option. During certain levels you will see three boxes in the top right (Jump, Double Jump, and Wall Jump) advising you as to which jumps are available for use during the game play.

So if you're looking for an app that will is easy to get in to, and will keep you saying "Just one more time", then Project: Mayhem is a solid choice, and at only .99c, you can't go wrong!

- Nick
10-20-2012, 10:37 PM
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Game Impressions

This game is so much fun. My only gripe was that you could not edit where the controls were located on screen... in the last update they added a way to do this! I highly recommend this game if you enjoy platformers.