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Coming Soon Invasion! - Mobile Action, Arcade, Shooter!

09-12-2012, 01:36 AM
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Coming Soon Invasion! - Mobile Action, Arcade, Shooter!

Hi Touch Arcaders!!!

My name is Meg Summers and I'm the Producer at Screwtape Studios and Indie Development Studio in Brisbane, Australia. We are getting ready to release our third mobile game Invasion!

For centuries, war has been raging across the galaxy between the Greens, an ancient peace loving civilisation, and the Reds, hell bent on destroying all that is green in the universe. With their forces decimated, the Greens have no choice but to make one final stand on their home turf. Turf defended by just one slightly under qualified Green, you!

Invasion is an action packed shoot'em up inspired by both old and new classics alike. Take out wave after wave of Reds for as long as you can without hitting the helpless natives, use power-up crates to make your job easier, and at the same time, watch your score sky-rocket! Watch out though, hit a native or let too many ships pass and it's all over - until the next game, that is!

Key Features:

- Fun fast-paced arcade shooter - Watch your speed and score increase as you shoot down the invading Reds space ships stay on the ball or they'll start escaping!
- Hilarious voice over commentary from your Squad commander - Grab your headphones, plug in and listen as your squad commander berates and encourages you. The Squad commander will also talk you through your first mission. Try not to disappoint him.
- 6 planets to unlock and enjoy - Explore all 6 of the Greens native planets - Training, Moon, Mars, Ice, Jungle, Sand. Each planet increases in difficulty. Can you master them all?
- 6 Cute native Greens to Protect - Each planet has a new native Green to save. Don't let the cute little guys get wiped out.
- 4 purchasable crate power ups - When Crates appear on screen shoot them to activate the power up. Black Holes, Cluster bombs, Extra Time and Extra Life Crates can also be purchased from the Shop.
- 2 in game boosts - Multiplier and Blitz crates are only available in game. Hit the crates and enjoy the bonus fun!
- Bonus Box Time! - Shoot a crate at the end of the game and get: a free power up crate, extra points or an unlimited crate game!!
- Earn Medals for each planet - Earn bronze, silver and gold Sharp Shooter, Tactician and Bleeding Heart medals on each planet.
- Fun Purchasable Cross-hair packs - Sick of the plain old cross-hair? Switch it up with 4 different cross-hair packs to choose from! Choose from different military and comical cross-hairs.

Keep Posted for more details about Invasion!

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09-17-2012, 08:17 PM
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