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App description: Addictive! Fun! Get 15 awesome levels with download!

5 STARS! "As a genuinely all-around solid game, complete with replay value and visual appeal, SPLATRPULT is simply a must try."

4 STARS! "The app introduces an entirely new gaming concept to the field."

4 STARS! "SPLATRPULT provides vivid graphics, a pleasant storyline and hours of fun for all ages and ability levels."

In this addictive new game, you launch loud-mouthed paint balls (Splatties) to color in an array of different shapes.


- 50+ Achievements
- 15 Levels
- 6 different Splatties
- 3 Super Splatties: Laser-Guided, Mega and Triple

The Splatties are a (kinda) brave race of living paint balloons from the land of Splatopia. Their world has been mysteriously besieged by an alien force that has drained all color from their land! Level by level, you help the Splatties to restore color to Splatopia!

Splatrpult is easy to learn but difficult to master! To play, simply drag a Splatty from the slider on the left onto the catapult, pull back, aim, and release! To win the level, you must color at least 90% of the target.

Get to know your Super Splatties! As you become more adept, things get harder! Youll soon have to use certain colors in specific areas and even mix colors to achieve purple, green and orange splats. Luckily, Super Splatties can help you get an advantage on those tougher levels:

- Laser-Guided Splatty: Lets you see where your splat will land before launching.
- Triple Splatty: Breaks into 3 smaller Splatties and also has some secret, heat-seeking abilities.
- Mega Splatty: This splatty makes a giant-sized splat.

Compatible with iOS 4.3 and above, iPod Touch 2nd generation and above, iPhone 3GS and above, iPad 1 and above.
09-13-2012, 05:15 PM
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While this looks interesting, doesn't the file size seem to be a bit large for having only 15 levels? Will some mass storage wielding TA member TOFTT (it's free, after all)?