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Fire Busters Review by Connector

10-11-2012, 03:00 PM
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Fire Busters Review by Connector

Fire Busters Review v1.0

Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Download size: 29 mb
Install size: 166 mb

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a fireman? Did you think it was a glamorous job always being the hero and having a nice juicy government pension? Well, now you have the chance to experience it firsthand in the wonderful new action puzzler, Fire Busters, brought to you by Hot Dog Studios.

I would have to classify this game as an action puzzle game since it merges the best of both worlds having the frantic pace and control of an action game mixed with creative puzzle elements. It is similar in that regard to games like Cut the Rope, Follow the Rabbit, and Sprinkle; in that it is essentially a puzzle game requiring dynamic swift movements to control the firetrucks and water pipes on every level.

The gameplay consists of moving firetrucks which spray water, or paint, onto burning buildings and incorporates rotating pipes, much like an Aqueduct game, to change the path of the stream. Because of this, the action is fast and furious with constant swiping and tapping; however, the game includes many puzzle elements in determining the correct way to channel the streams and multiple firetrucks so streams can merge and deflect at different angles.

The most intriguing aspect of the game is the story. Before you save all the homes from the threat of fire, you must water all three of the flowers so that they will bloom and won't die off from the heat from the flames! This is fireman vanity at it's best. And get this, you are putting paint in your water. For what, I've got no idea. It must have some secret flame retardant features known only to the clever developer.

There are a total of 80 levels broken up into 5 different stages each having it's own graphical theme and each adding different barriers and puzzle elements to the gameplay as well. As you progress, you encounter things such as a cat with a shield which will block your streams, a hippo that loves water, water towers that shot water bombs like balloons, and so much more.

There is a paint aspect to this game, and certain levels have paint cans which you need to find. These paint cans are cleverly hidden, so it adds to the puzzle aspect of the game as well. Once you find the paint, you can add them to your fire hose, so the stream coming out will be in different colors, though the paint does not add any functionality to the game which is a little confusing at first. It just makes the game a little prettier and diverse.

This game does not rely on inapps, there is only one real inapp, and that is the ability to buy a water plane which will come and extinguish all flames, essentially a way to cheat and finish a level you can not complete. Kind of a level skip inapp, so it is definitely not required but is available for 99 cents.

The developer has mentioned on the Toucharcade forums that this game was designed so that all gamers, from children and casual players up to older iDevice users. The graphics are cute, the gameplay is fairly simple and easy, but best of all, this game will provide hours of entertainment for almost everyone.

If I had to mention any negatives, it would be the lack of retina iPad graphics. Hopefully the developer will release an HD version in the future. The game is a little on the easy side, but in some ways this can be a positive since the game will never really frustrate you.

This game is a delightful action puzzler, and it really holds it's own to games like Cut the Rope, Angry Birds and Follow the Rabbit. The game has a lot of polish, cute graphics, and it does make you think. If you like puzzlers of this type, this is a must buy for sure! Highly recommended!

Here are many screenshots, swipe left/right to see all of the pictures:


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