Monko Jumpo: Super Mario-like 2D Platformer Promo Codes

09-22-2012, 08:27 AM
Monko Jumpo: Super Mario-like 2D Platformer Promo Codes

The battles for fruits between monkeys and mice are never ended!
How could you retrieve the fruits and all the golden melons for the monkey tribes?

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"Monko Jumpo" currently contains 2 cartoon 2D platformer game modes with totally different playing style!

Mode - Monko Quest (2D Platformer that you will like)!
Break Bricks, get Coins, find out Golden Melons, fight Bosses & rescue Princess!
Get power-ups to help you pass levels.
170+ hand-crafted 2D platfomer levels with boss, challenge EXP & secret levels.
Easy to clear the levels but very challenging to get all Golden Melons & Red Rings.
Collect enough "Red Rings" to unlock "EXP Levels".
Find out the "Crystal Rings" at some very tricky spot in some levels to unlock challenge levels!
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Mode - Get Fruits Back (Original Endless Running)
Ride on banana slider, chase/hit the mice to sky high and get fruits back to the tribe.
More than 20 kinds of equipments, power-ups, helps you in your adventure.
Collect "Banana Rings" to get equipments and use super equipments at right timings.
Wonderful worlds with changeable splendid free season expansions combinations.
Randomized stage environment each time you play.
Easy rampage for all ages!
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Check it out on iTunes for more details!

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Have fun!!
Marugemon Team

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Would it be acceptable to post on Facebook instead of Twitter?

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Originally Posted by Daver16 View Post
Would it be acceptable to post on Facebook instead of Twitter?
Sure, if you prefer to post on Facebook, it's acceptable
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Okay I posted it on Facebook!

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Okay I posted it on Facebook!
Thanks for your participate, please reply with the link that you posted like what people have done here:

And we will choose the winners for each day then PM them the Free Promo Code, thank you
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Is this right?
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Here is my tweet

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yeah, see how great that you've done!
If there are no more participator today, you three will be the winners and get the codes.
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Not sure if its to late but posted !


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