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App description: An extravaganza of bouncing, spinning, and matching! A new concept in action puzzlers!

You control the colourful bouncing icon (the "bouncer"). Guide your bouncer to its matching icon in the target bar, and it will bounce, morphed into a new shape and color. Lots of successful bouncing means bonuses: swipe these quickly! Level-up by swiping stars! Earn high scores by swiping coins dropped by coin-bars! But be ready for obstacle bars: these will morph your bouncer, move the targets, or bump your bouncer off-track.


Tilt: tilt your iPhone left and right to move your bouncer.

Match: guide your bouncer to the correct target in the target bar. Match all three properties: color, shape and angle! (Tip: matching the angle can be a challenge, so watch how fast your bouncer is spinning!)

Swipe: swipe bonuses to pop them! Get 3 star bonuses to level-up (or 1 super star bonus). Swipe lines of coins dropped by coin-bars for high scores!

-15 Worlds!
-Dozens of unique targets to match!
-Bonuses: coins, stars, super-stars, rewinders, & target-morphers!
-Obstacles: shunters, bumpers and bouncer-morphers!

Global leader boards are coming soon!

Xact's comments:
Hey Guys,

Indie developer here and I'm excited to say my game is available! Check it out here:

I love *original* and fun game concepts and that's what you'll get with Koris: think kinda-like Tetris-meets-Fruit Ninja.

Updates to the game to come in coming weeks. Feel like chatting about the game? Contact me at koris@xact-studios.com.

Phil Meyer

Here are 15x screenshots showing off the game:-

10-02-2012, 11:58 AM
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Reviewers wanted!

The game for review is an arcade puzzle called Koris. http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/koris/id557894200?mt=8

Let me know if you're interested in taking part by emailing me at koris@xact-studios.com or message me.

Phil Meyer