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Applied to private developer forum

10-04-2012, 09:33 AM
I try to keep on top of the private developer requests too, but there have been a few long stretches this year where I've been unable to review them due to business projects and travel, including a stretch in the last 4-6 weeks... Sometime in the month of September a bunch of older requests were cleaned up, perhaps by Blake or other mods, but we're back up to 50+ in the queue again

FYI it's possible to apply more than once if you are denied initially. Possible reasons for denial might include not having a game available on the App Store yet, or if you're still just learning how to make apps and games, or have zero posts in the public forums, or lack of developer-related posts in the forums.

The system does not notify you if you're accepted or rejected unfortunately. I used to try to hand-write replies to those still trying to learn, or with a game that will not be released for months, to explain the reasons.... However I am afraid there are not enough hours in the day for me to do that anymore.

Hope that helps everyone's understanding. As mentioned by many, the private forums are rarely used as most developers here on TouchArcade seem to prefer talking out in the open. Of course you do get the nifty avatar and a place to talk in private if the need arises

Anyway, I'll start picking away at them as I can this coming week!

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