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App description: BLADE GUARDIAN
The second iOS game from Mistwalker Corporation is a defense real-time strategy game.
Set up units with different capabilities to prevent invasion by enemy aliens.

Take advantage of maneuvering units, BLADEs.
Start attacking enemy aliens and their nests by releasing BLADEs from transportations.
Transform BLADEs into spherical shape and roll them around on stages using gyro sensor in order to defeat enemies.

New style of tactical defense game with attacking elements.
Use BLADEs skillfully and prevent mass alien attacks.
10-01-2012, 04:46 AM
Game Impressions

Comparing Blade Guardian with E.R.A or Fieldrunner 2 makes it even more obvious that it`s just crap...

I`ll make it short since there are dozen of new Games out and wasting any Minute more with Blade Guardian would be a waste of my time.

Blade Guardian is probably the worst Tower Defense Game I have played since the App Store opened up in 2008. Neither it`s Presentation nore the Gameplay itself can currently keep up with any of the Top Ten Tower Defense Games on the Appstore like E.R.A or Fieldrunner 2.

Let`s be honest the Tower Defense Genre isn`t the same as before after Games like Jelly Defense & Co had raised it`s Quality Bar in the last few Months so high that some Deveeloper like Mistwalker obviously can`t keep up with it and my only advise to them would be to either don`t even try it or at least don`t waste our Time/Money if the resoluts aren`t on the same Level as the other Games I had mentioned above.

10-01-2012, 06:31 AM
What is E.R.A?

Can't find it anywhere.
10-01-2012, 10:11 AM
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Mistwalker. Now, I know that there’s some of you out there who did not enjoy Party Wave, but there’s no denying that Final Fantasy, and other RPG titles that came out of Square while Hironobu Sakaguchi was the Director of Planning and Development have had endless influence over video games for the past 20+ years. And with all of the experience that’s collected within the Mistwalker studio, there’s also no denying that there’s infinite potential there. Well, it’s been shown again. This time, with the release of the Real-Time Strategy/Arcade Influenced Tower Defense title, Blade Guardian. Now, I know that there are many of you out there that are kind of burnt out on the TD genre, but Blade Guardian packs some pretty interesting mechanics, gameplay elements, strategy and scoring, all making it a very unique title within the genre.

One of the first things that you might notice about Blade Guardian after you start it up is that instead of having a set of levels which you need to progress through, with an end goal, it’s set up more like a high-scoring arcade game. The main goal of Blade Guardian is to get the highest score you can before the enemies take all of your HP.
Starting off, you’ll only have access to the very first level, but once you complete that level and move on, you’re able to start off at level 2 or, depending on what level you reach, the last level you unlocked. Every time you start a new game, your score resets back to zero, but you’re able to keep some earned resources and HP. Kind of like the set-up in Space Tripper with your best score, most lives, and upgraded weapon loadout, each time you complete a level, you’ll be awarded a certain amount of HP and resources to build towers depending on how much resources and HP you ended the level with. In each new game, these resources will be available to you if you decide to start from any level other than the first one.

The game starts you out with all of the towers you’ll have available to you throughout the game, which is kind of strange considering it’s genre. But, with these 4 towers, along with walls, you’ll need to build up a pathway for the enemies to make their way through in order to reach your base and steal your HP. It doesn’t matter how big each enemy is, or what type of enemy it is, every enemy that reaches your base will steal one HP point. The 4 towers you’re given are; Laser Tower - attacks enemies at a distance with a powerful laser, Catapult - attacks enemies at medium range with projectiles, Freezer - slows down enemies, and the Cannon - attacks enemies at close range. Each tower has two available upgrades, each making it stronger. The wall pieces are able to be placed together in order to help create pathways to guide enemies along, and can not be upgraded.

Along with these 4 towers you’ll be able to release Blades. These captured mechanical constructs will appear at certain times throughout each stage. Your weapons will fire at the claws holding the Blade, and you can tap on the claw if you have the resources. Each tap costs 1 resource point, and helps to free the Blade quicker. Once it is freed, the Blade drops down and lets off a fairly large energy blast, destroying all walls and enemies that are within range. After that, the Blade will make its way to the nearest enemy spawning point, attacking enemies along the way, and start to destroy the spawn area. You are able to tap on the Blade, and activate it’s roll ability, which damages enemies by running into them. Once this is active, you’ll need to tilt your device in order to control the Blade. Unfortunately, right now there are no sensitivity or calibration settings available, and you’ll need to hold your device flat in order to control the rolling Blade, which can get kind of frustrating. Fortunately, the rolling ability is something you’ll be able to live without until Mistwalker (hopefully) adds these control options.

Graphically, Blade Guardian is very well done, with a dark, dry/metallic grey color scheme for the environments and all of the towers, and a more organic orange and yellow look for all of the enemies, the two tones compliment each other nicely. The animations are also well done, though the environments do bob up and down, kind of like their treading water, which can disrupt the placement of walls and towers, especially on the smaller iPhone/iPod screen. Musically, the soundtrack is pretty dark, with a slower tempo, adding a sort of cyberpunkish feeling to the gameplay, and helping to add to the immersion quite a bit.

There are two modes, but making it to Nighmare Mode is something I haven’t been able to do yet. There’s no option to play it from the main or options menus, and is something that’s most likely unlocked after reaching a certain level in the regular campaign. Both modes have leaderboards in GameCenter, but, sadly, there are no achievements.
Being Universal and priced at $0.99, with Blade Guardian definitely being a large step in the direction that most gamers and fans of Hironobu Sakaguchi were expecting coming from the Mistwalker studio, it‘s a game that fans of the genre should pick up as soon as possible. The strategic elements combined with the Real-Time Strategy provide a fantastic challenge, and the Score-Chasing/Arcade elements of Blade Guardian provide loads of replay value and help to appeal to gamers who are not Tower Defense fanatics. If the couple of issues I’ve brought up are dealt with, Blade Guardian has the potential to wind up in the top 3 best hardcore TD games available in the AppStore, and coming from Mistwalker, I have complete faith that the issues will be heavily weighed out, and the best outcomes will be implemented.

4.5/5 Stars

**and ERA is for iPad only.

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10-01-2012, 10:15 AM
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Sanuku angry?!?

Can't say I saw anything I disliked in that video, short of the walls getting blown up by the falling debris (i think that's what it was). NM, the blade did that?

Since taste is subjective, I'll say this looks a lot better to me than ERA, that game makes me think of magical pink fairies whenever I see it, can't bring myself to even want to buy it.

The instant deal breaker for me though is that the blade destroys your own walls, a pretty stupid mechanic in my opinion, so passing on this. lich defense just went on sale, grabbing that instead.

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10-01-2012, 11:26 AM
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While I hate hate hate the moaning from people who complained Party Wave was not a JRPG - and I mean hate, the complaining was pathetic, Uematsu has long talked about how he loves surfing, and in many ways Party Wave is the best thing Mistwalker have ever done - the difficulty curve was ridiculous. Juggling ten surfers at once was jaw-droppingly unforgiving and you could easily end up wiped out in two seconds through no fault of your own like twenty or thirty times in a row. So no surprise this seems to have implemented some similarly... questionable design decisions. I'll still give it a shot, though.

EDIT: From the tutorial level yes, I think they've done it again. Created another bizarre, sometimes fascinating, sometimes plain broken game, that is. I guess I'm somewhere in between Synthetic and Sanuku on this one - it's far from the worst tower defense game I've ever played, but the presentation is pitifully basic, and the central gimmick just seems worryingly flawed right from the off. So it's a tower defense game with roaming friendly units where you can power them up into a little metal ball - where you might be able to one-shot the creep spawners with the ball by tilting your device around but you're just as likely to wipe out half your own base in the process or simply drop your hero off the side of the map before it can even do anything? It's not the most promising idea I've ever come across, I have to say. At the same time, I like anything that takes the "You can win really fast if you're good enough" approach, and it seems like a solid TD game at heart, so... I dunno. Need to play it a bit more, obviously.

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10-01-2012, 12:37 PM
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Wow impressions seem to be a complete mixed bag lol. At $.99, guess I'll pick it up to decide for myself. Thanks for the reviews guys!
10-01-2012, 01:05 PM
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Definately some polarized opinions on this, but based on syntheticvoid's review, it sounds like something I'd enjoy. Think I'll have to bite and see for myself.

It is rare to see Sanuku really trash a game though.
10-01-2012, 01:10 PM
Originally Posted by araczynski View Post
Sanuku angry?!?

Everyone seem to be blind when they hear the Name Hironobu Sakaguchi. Yes he did create the Final Fantasy Franchise but that does make the hole thing here even worse because I miss the same polishing Level everywhere when it comes to Blade Guardian.

The Menus looks like some Teenager had build them in his spare Free Time, the lack of Animation if it comes to the Units in the Game which are done probably in less then a few Hours and the lack of balancing through the different Maps is killing even the rest of the fun I get with the Game.

Sorry it`s 2012 and not 2008 and I expect much, much more from someone like Hironobu Sakaguchi if it comes to an Tower Defense Game and he sadly didn`t delivered it this time.
10-01-2012, 01:29 PM
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Looks and plays like something an amateur wrote in his lunch break.

Waste of time. Please move on.