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Suing developer of Slender-Man | Pocket Gamer's "Article" on Slender-Man iOS

10-01-2012, 06:08 AM
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Suing developer of Slender-Man | Pocket Gamer's "Article" on Slender-Man iOS

Pocket Gamer gave a really bias article that made me go :O the other day.
They basically said this is an unofficial port of the original PC game "Slender - Eight Pages" which it is not nor the game ever claimed it to be?!

They also said they had word of the "Slender - Eight Pages" developer looking to sue the developer of "Slender-Man" which I cannot understand why and under what?

So here is my comments regarding this and replies from the author of the "article"

I think calling this game a "Rip off" or "Knock Off" Is very unfair. The idea of making "Slender: The Eight Pages" came from the famous legend of the Slender-Man.
There have been numerous games spread over different platforms around the idea of the slender-man. With "Slender: The Eight Pages" being one of them, but since it is the most famous is it fair to say all the other ones are rip-offs of it?

This game is a good stab at the slender style of game. And, I think it is harshly unfair to call it a "knock-off"

The two games are very similar but, it is not a port. The reasons for similarity are due to the Unity 3D engine both games are based on. As well as this the original game was made using unity's assets, so similarity in graphics are definite if both games used the same graphics MADE by Unity and its users.

I normally enjoy these reviews against actual Knock-Off games but I feel this game has been mistaken as one in this case.

The only thing that I find a problem with this game is the lag which you failed to mention.

If this game does get taken off the app-store then there is definitely something wrong going on, as one company cannot simply own the Slenderman as he was created by many communities and over time.

I hope you reply with what you think about all this.

-(Wikapedia - Many of the game's graphics and code snippets are obtained from Unity's own Asset Store")
10-01-2012, 03:13 PM
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They did claim it was a port, only later did they actually remove that part, but at that time they already had made a ton of money off of it and popular enough to sit at a high position in the charts for people to see and it has stayed theyre meaning people are buying it still.