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10-29-2012, 06:06 PM
Kingdom Royale iOS v1.0.2 Update Live

Thanks for playing Kingdom Royale!
Here's what's new in v1.0.2

1. New PvE World Market
2. New AI Friends
3. Other bug fixes

Full Scale Social Warfare at Your Fingertips.
The world requires a new leader, are you up for the challenge?


Download Kingdom Royale for Free:
[Android] http://bit.ly/Q8dwwJ
[iOS] http://bit.ly/kroyale
[Video] http://youtu.be/jicIGuq_G7g

10-31-2012, 01:17 PM
10,000,000 Battles 20% Crown Sale Event

10 Million Battles waged in Kingdom Royale!
Save on crowns on this momentous event!

The event starts on 10/31, 5:00 pm.
The event ends on 11/2, 2:00 pm.

It's only 3 DAYS! You gotta be quick!


Download it for Free:
[iOS] http://bit.ly/kroyale
[Video] http://youtu.be/jicIGuq_G7g

11-22-2012, 09:43 PM
Kingdom Royale v1.0.3 is now available!

1. Default display language fixed
2. Added Underworld quests
3. New items and buildingd
4. Minor bugs fixed

Thank you for your patience on the update, and we apologize once again for the inconvenience through the default display language issue.
11-22-2012, 09:52 PM
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It's pretty unfortunate to see how they've turned all of their games to being so IAP heavy. It's frustrating because I loved their earlier catalog that were perfectly fine when just bought upfront. But, it obviously must be working better for them than upfront purchasing does. Which seems to much more preferred here as compared to freemium titles.

ID on GameCenter: Joshnsuch

Mention you're from TA if you send a request. This would please me.
11-23-2012, 02:51 AM
Kingdom Royale's Black Friday

It's a day after Thanksgiving... Black Friday!

We will have a Black Friday Sale and give you 30% additional for every crowns that you purchase.

Event ends on 11/28, Wednesday.The line is getting longer, so HURRY!

REPLY on this thread to support the event.


Download it for Free Here:
[iOS] http://bit.ly/kroyale

11-23-2012, 03:30 AM
Gamevil is trash, I think we can pretty much all agree
11-27-2012, 01:28 PM
Kingdom Royale's New World Event

Thanks for playing Kingdom Royale. The new update includes the followings:
- New Level 6 Units Open
- New Underworld Quests
- New Magic Research and Labs
- New Spots for Buildings
- New Item: Time (sleep) Decline
- Default display language fixed
- Faster and Smoother Gameplay

To celebrate, GAMEVIL is giving away 50 crowns!

LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT on this poster with your case-sensitive Kingdom name (i.e. #KingdomRoyale) to get your FREE crowns!

!Put # in front of your Kingdom Name

The FREE crown event ends on 11/30, Friday.

The crowns will be given when the event ends.
To retrieve, go to Message and look for a gift from GAMEVIL.

Download Kingdom Royale for Free:
[Android] http://bit.ly/Q8dwwJ
[iOS] http://bit.ly/kroyale

11-30-2012, 12:13 PM
Winter is here! Kingdom Royale's Super Level Event is UP!

Whoever levels up more than 5 levels will get 40 FREE crowns!

- Chance 1: 2x EXP
- Chance 2: 20% Discount on all resources!

Date: 11/30 (Fri) ~ 12/4 (Tue)
Items will be sent on Wednesday, 12/5.


Download it for Free Here:
[iOS] http://bit.ly/kroyale

12-12-2012, 08:45 PM
Kingdom Royale's Happy Holidays!

Complete the uniting quest and receive limited Christmas units!!
Date: 12/9 7PM ~ 12/25 5PM!!

Let's completely unite all areas and receive limited Christmas units!

(TIP)Limited Christmas units will be awarded during this event period only!


Download it for Free Here:
[Android] http://bit.ly/Q8dwwJ
[iOS] http://bit.ly/kroyale

12-17-2012, 01:08 PM
Kingdom Royale iOS v1.0.4 Update Live

Thanks for playing Kingdom Royale!

The following improvements have been made:
1. Enhanced message system function added
2. Unit/Item gift function added
3. Various bugs fixed


Download it for Free Here:
[iOS] http://bit.ly/kroyale

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