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iPhone: Monster Crew (from Bonus XP)

10-31-2012, 06:09 PM
Monster Crew (from Bonus XP)

BonusXP announces the release of our first game for iOS, the free-to-play game Monster Crew. (Available now in New Zealand, shortly the rest of the world) This endless platformer combines the exhilaration of platformers and infinite runners with the joy of smashing everything in sight, is now coming to the Apple App Store. Featuring stunning graphics and collectible in-game cards that power-up your play as you progress through the game, Monster Crew has an exciting storyline and infinite replayability.

About Monster Crew

You play Frankie, a spunky lad obsessed with the collectable card game Monster Crew. Frankie is crushed when his prized card collection is accidentally sold at the family garage sale. What's worse, the cards were bought by the crazy scientist who lives in the creepy castle up on the hill. Despite his fears, Frankie goes off to retrieve his cards. Frankie enters the castle and ends up in an unusual elevator. As he presses the button, the lights dim. The air crackles with a rush of lightning. Frankie steps out of the elevator as Frankenstein. Surprised, but excited, Frankie sets out to find his cards and solve this shocking new mystery.

  • Free to Play. Everyone should be able to play a great game, so we made it free!
  • Combat. Monster Crew is a simple, one-touch game with great platformer combat.
  • Begin by stomping spiders and skeletons. You’ll be taking on screen-sized bosses in no
  • time!
  • Deep Strategy. At its core, Monster Crew is an RPG with a wide-ranging skill tree that
  • you can constantly re-spec. You’ll unlock powerful bonus cards to add to your deck as
  • you progress through the game’s 15 Hour Storyline.
  • 25 Bonus Cards and 36 upgrades
  • 30+ Achievements

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10-31-2012, 06:41 PM
Wanting this since I seem it last week

10-31-2012, 06:51 PM
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Well, what kind of cards did he lose? Baesball? Football? Pokemon? Magic: The Gathering? Garbage Pail Kids?

If it's the latter, you tell him to keep safe and gimme a call and I'll give him my GPK duplicates.

Kid should be trick or treating now.
10-31-2012, 10:46 PM
They're Monster Crew cards of course. ...I shudder at the thought of Garbage Pail Kids cards.

The game appears to be available in the US and beyond now so give it a go!

If anyone has any questions/comments about the game we'd be happy to field them.
11-01-2012, 02:26 PM
Game Impressions

11-01-2012, 03:21 PM
Lovely video.

Just a tip - once you get Mr.Piggles you can break him for some extra coins between levels, when you are in the elevator. Just tap him and you get the coins. The longer you wait of course, the more coins you get...wait too long and you die and any money Mr.Piggles has is gone.
11-01-2012, 03:47 PM
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Woh... i didnt know this was a runner! Downloading now!

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11-01-2012, 04:27 PM
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Wicked fun game! Good job!!. Do you get anything for killing the ghosts?
11-01-2012, 04:48 PM
Still lags after update seems a little worse.
11-01-2012, 08:27 PM
Thanks loxy! Ghosts can't be stomped like other enemies and don't drop any loot, so it's generally just best to avoid them. (After you defeat a certain boss, you do get some loot for running into Ghosts, but they still can't be Stomped)

Ok, thanks for the info bramblett05. We're still working on improving performance on the older devices out there.