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App description: by. Rokrdude2
The game has incredible and detailed artwork with cute characters and excellent background music.
by. kameboy16
If you love Puzzle games, you'll love this game! And the animation is really good!
by. snapb202
This is a really fun and challenging game for all ages. The vibrant and colourful graphics, cute Firefighters, jaunty music and interesting gameplay make this game addicting.
*** Thanks for the good review!:)

Fire Busters is a game which the animal firefighters extinguish a fire in the village. It's a compelling new idea game, so please a lot of love for the game!

The arson cat is playing with fire in the village.
Because of the endless arson, firefighters were called to save the village.

*** 96 LEVELS, 6 STAGES!
And will be added to the levels.

*** FEATURES ***
Playing this game is good for your brain, because It's very fun action puzzle game!
Get over the various obstacles and extinguish the fire in a house. It's not as difficult as it looks.

When a fire break out at a house, Drag the characters to move to the right position. And touch the characters, and then the water flow comes out.
Mix in cross the streams to extinguish the fire.
You can sprinkle water on withered flowers before extinguishing the fire.

Look in every nook and the trashcan. Collect various paint colors for changing the colors of streams.

a Lighter Cat, a Shield Cat, Oil Sprinkling Cat: Aim the Water On the Side of villains!
a Hippopotamus: She Loves Drinking Water. Please, Use the water flow to entice the hippo into the corner.

Just 3 Sec, use the Fire Fighting Plane for level clear.
visit the 'HOTDOG Studio YouTube', please refer to guide of the levels.

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10-05-2012, 09:05 AM
This is a very enjoyable mirror-reflection-style, water-themed puzzler! It'd be great for kids! But it's still completely enjoyable by adults too. I like it very much!

I'm not sure I understand what the language-independent tutorial explanations are trying to say (especially about the paint cans), but I figured out how to beat the level pretty quickly, so something must be working right.

Very cute game, and worth picking up imho! Nicely done!

Youtube link | Pop Up

10-05-2012, 12:10 PM
Thanks for starting this thread!
I really enjoyed the game and wanted to put in my 2 cents ...........
I was lucky to have the opportunity to beta test the game - so here are my first impressions - I will write up a more polished review asap as I said -I really liked the game

On first glance It seems as if the game is geared to a youngish crowd & to girls in particular - because of the cute graphics - Well to give my girlish view - I REALLY enjoyed it
But to tell you the truth, it can be enjoyed universally by all people regardless of age or gender

I'm not a hardcore gamer - not even close - but I found it quite easy - and for some reason I thought there was no time limit as I was able to finish most of the levels pretty fast.

The aim of the game is simple -
rescue the burning houses before the flames completely char them to a crisp. On the way, don't forget to water the 3 withered flowers and as an extra bonus discover hidden coloured paint that you can use to colour your water. Where you place your fire truck(s) determines the direction of water flow. To help you reach right corners, different pipes and boxes etc. placed strategically in the garden can help you direct the flow of water too. You will be challenged by sneaky arsonist cats and greedy hippo's so watch your back!!

I really thought all the characters were very cute and adorable - and crazy arsonist cat was a real stinker as can be seen from the above screen shot

In between levels we were asked to write a quick review in the appstore - I think it can be paraphrased better - I would certainly took the time to review. - I think that's just a small way to show your appreciation for the game.

I didn't figure out what the paint was for till I read the thread - You use it to colour your water - which is a cute idea.

I Somehow I felt the difficulty didn't increase in an orderly manner, some latter levels were easier than earlier ones - but this may be subjective.

Personally, I thought that to make it make it a bit more challenging - it would be interesting to limit how much water we can use

Another thought - It would be nice if you could boast on game center/twitter/ Facebook - especially if it was timed & more challenging - I know for a fact that's what would excite my niece

Overall - i really enjoyed it and came away wanting more.
Plenty of levels will keep you (and your kids) happily occupied for hours. Hotdog Studio always brings out great apps and you can tell that a lot of passion and care went into making this game. I definitely recommend you try it out - well worth the launch price.

I Just wanted to add that I had to baby sit a bunch of young cousins while testing - so I gave them fire busters to keep them occupied....
They LOVED it. This is a very difficult to please bunch - ages 8-14 - VERY difficult to please.... they didn't find it too hard , they just had a load of fun passing it around and challenging each other to see who was faster at getting all the flowers & saving the houses.
It really saved me a huge headache that day, I really wouldn't have been able to keep them occupied & that happy on my own
10-05-2012, 04:07 PM
One of the best action puzzlers on ios! In fact, it may just well be the best action puzzlers on ios. Like the game Wimp which is a puzzling platform game, this game merges two different disciplines in an action and puzzle game. That is why I refer to this game as an action puzzlers.

It probably will fall into the class of puzzle game on ios, and it really holds it's own to other great puzzlers like Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, Follow the Rabbit, Cover Orange, and Wimp. This game is amazing, I have a great time playing it, it can be played by young children, teenagers, adults, seniors, females, etc, since the game is easy to play, fun, cute, and exciting.

I can could go on and on about the high quality of this game, and for a buck, you would have to be CRAZY not to get this game, it is a truely special and fun game.

Buy it, is a must buy. Highly, highly, highly recommended. I hope this game wins Toucharcade's game of the week, much like Wimp did last week, cause these two games have given a lot of value for a buck and I have really enjoyed them.
10-05-2012, 06:52 PM
Game Impressions


The Game is a No Brainer at the current Price Tag and everyone that likes those kind of Puzzles will for sure enjoy playing it as much as I did. The first few Missions are simple Tutorials to teach you how to handle the Watestream but soon after those (Second World) you really will have often to think around the Corner to get everyone saved while still collecting all three SunFlowers.
If you like Puzzle Games, get Fire Busters!
10-05-2012, 08:16 PM
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I have to throw in my vote of appreciation, too. Really interesting game, fun and enjoyable even though it's hiding under a cutesy exterior. I'm particularly thankful for not opting to include a timer - many games have been ruined by timed puzzles for me, thank you!

I do have to question the logic of these "firefighters" though - not only are they using PAINT to put out the flames, they stop and take the time to water flowers before getting to the emergency.

Need proofreading, editing or writing done for your game?
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10-05-2012, 08:20 PM
Thank you!

Thank you, everyone!!!
Until now.. steadily entry into the game Top 100. (US store)
: D
10-05-2012, 08:35 PM
Originally Posted by Echoseven View Post
I have to throw in my vote of appreciation, too. Really interesting game, fun and enjoyable even though it's hiding under a cutesy exterior. I'm particularly thankful for not opting to include a timer - many games have been ruined by timed puzzles for me, thank you!

I do have to question the logic of these "firefighters" though - not only are they using PAINT to put out the flames, they stop and take the time to water flowers before getting to the emergency.
Yeah, well, it is better than looking for panties like in Wimp. Sometimes these game stories are very interesting...

And for those that will ask, the paint colors are just cosmetic, not really for any purpose, so just collect the paint colors to use different colors in the hoses. Great game, I love this game, and it is great even for little kids, my niece's favorite game!
10-05-2012, 08:43 PM
Very cool game. Kind of a sucker for these water based games like this one, Where's My Water and Sprinkle.

Hopefully this gets an update to support the iPhone 5's larger screen...
10-05-2012, 08:50 PM
Please add retina display for iPad 3