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10-06-2012, 11:12 AM
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Really no retina? Oh well... Maybe in an update.
10-06-2012, 11:20 AM
Yeah, missed the boat with no tutorial, no online games, no tooltip for the planet sectors, but gosh I'm glad to see another high quality boardgame app for iPad.
And it's a great game too. Highly recommended, if you're into boardgames.

10-06-2012, 11:40 AM
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This looks like fun. My only hesitation is I tend to buy board games then not play them
10-06-2012, 11:43 AM
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Game looks great but I'm spoiled on retina graphics so I'll wait for now.
10-06-2012, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Misguided View Post
This looks like fun. My only hesitation is I tend to buy board games then not play them
Yeah same here. I love them in concept but many just don't hold my attention for long. Hopefully this one will buck the trend but, to be honest, only time will tell.

Oh, a quick one sentence summation of this game?

Poker Dice meets Le Havre.

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10-06-2012, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Misguided View Post
This looks like fun. My only hesitation is I tend to buy board games then not play them
Yep, me too. Love the idea of boardgames on the iPad, buy all the ones that even look remotely interesting, play them enough to understand them, and then move on.

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10-06-2012, 05:59 PM
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The nice thing about this game is the file size is small so you can keep it on your device without much worry.
The video's on this thread serve as a good tutorial, and the game isn't overly complex, and the manual is simple to use for reference while playing, I was able to win my first game on easiest difficulty which was a satisfying feeling.
I want to encourage ppl to try this because I love seeing this type of board game on iOS, and this game is really well done, even if the publisher is unknown to me.
hopefully online multiplayer support for this game will come, but for me it's not that big of a deal.

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10-06-2012, 06:46 PM
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This is definitely my new favorite (solo) board game right behind summoner wars. Great deal for the price. No tutorial is no biggie for me as I'm an avid boardgame player and those don't come with tutorials either. Just read the rules, jump in there , and when you have a question the rules are easily opened.
10-07-2012, 06:32 AM
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Does somebody know if there is a German manual to download anywhere? This game is a little bit confusing me ...

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10-07-2012, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by ColeDaddy View Post
LordGek, as always your reviews are insightful and appreciated.

Hmmm...no tutorial? Based on the screens, the board looks pretty daunting. It could be my Friday-long-week-just-got-back-from-two-hour-commute inside voice freely typing away, but we need to read an eleven page doc? I'll wait for more impressions...
These eleven pages are really SMALL. At first you just need to read page one which is a quick reference. Later on you'll ask yourself, hey, why can't I do this or that, and then you will skim the other pages; it is really straightforward and you'll get along in no time. It took me two games against AI 1 & 2. Recommended! (I did not know the physical board game, too.)

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