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iPhone: My first lil game Eat and Grow xD

10-07-2012, 07:32 AM
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My first lil game Eat and Grow xD

I just completed my first small cute lil game and would like to share that piece of joy with you. It is not very common appstore game - just a "webapp". Well, because of this, it can be played in the desktop browser as well as at iPod-Phone-Pad safaries and can be installed to Home Screen too.
Sadly the game lacking 3d, action and awsome effects . It neither have a trailer no a handful of screenshots ... But it is about fish-fish-fishy!
And it is a multiplayer "pvp" game.

The only achievement - to become an owner of the BIGGEST fish. To achieve it you need to send your fish hunting. Not sure is that fish hunting or cake hunting, but most likely the second one, because the game is not about the fish-cannibalism. Don't know exactly, because the process of hunting hidden by underwater fog

Each fish has two parameters - Weight and Luck (of course, there is the Name and the Color, but you define them once when create a fish). Weight - is, well, how much fish weight , and Luck - it's a chance to win hunting. In general, the fish with more Luck have a better chance to win than a lesser Lucked fish. Luck is limited by 100 points and recover over time.

To quick start and understand what is that all about smash the SKIP button to skip the login or registration process - that should create a temporary fish for you. Press the "Hunt" and choose an opponent By overwhelming preys, your Fish gets half their weight. But if they defeat your Fish, it will lose half of own weight too. That's the rules .

And please, oh please, do not name your fish abusively. It makes them sad and me too. Also, i have to spend time renaming such a fishes that is totally not cool.

Yea, the main thing. the link to game: http://versusfriends.com. Hope someone should jooooooooin usssss. Cheers!
10-07-2012, 07:51 AM
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Congratulations on getting your first game out, we got our first indie game out this week too.

Irrelevant of it's success, getting something shipped is the most important thing for your experience and motivation.

Good luck with it!