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App description: The town residents wants you to stop playing with the water hydrant ... and they don't take no for an answer.


In Hose Panic, you spray incoming noodly arm enemies with water to prevent them from reaching the tap because once they do, it's game over. Sort of like a reverse bullet hell whereby the bullet here is actually water.

pimago's comments:

Hi all,

My sixth iOS game is out. Hopefully the links & screenshots showed up properly above thanks to the automated features of this forum.

Anyway, the game is a high score chaser where your goal is to last as long as possible repelling incoming enemies with a water hose. Should they reached the tap, the water gets shut down and ... game over.

Like most contemporary iOS games, you can unlock other playable characters other than the game's default, Zombie.

Thanks for reading.
06-27-2017, 02:36 AM
30 seconds gameplay snippet

Youtube link | Pop Up