App description: NOT ANOTHER MATCH 3 GAME !!!!

Draw a continuous line through the same coloured Fuzkins (at least 3) to eliminate them from the board.

Draw bigger shapes of a connected colour for surprises!

Use the limited smart bombs (top right of screen) when the grid gets tricky.

Keep an eye on the blue time bar, it gradually ticks away while matching Fuzkins will restore it. More surprises throughout the game.

There are three game modes in Fuzkins:

1) Standard - Last as long as you can removing Fuzkins, More colours will be introduced as the game progresses.

2) Fuzkin - Complete the tasks you are given in the bottom information bar to fill up your level bar (green bar on right) to progress. Match 3, match 4 match 5 in a line etc. Match more than required wont move the level meter.

3) Survival - Fight your way through level and level of Fuzkins, Fill up your level bar (green bar on right) to move on to the next.

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