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Spadek | NEW & Unique iOS Game | Arcade | FREE

09-09-2015, 10:08 PM
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Spadek | NEW & Unique iOS Game | Arcade | FREE

Spadek is simple, addicting, and oddly fun. Itís an arcade style physics based game with lots of challenging modes that are chalk full of ball dropping fun!

Spadek on the App Store: https://appsto.re/us/DOg57.i - App Link
Spadek Launch Survey: http://goo.gl/forms/rJ1TUN4ji8 - Let us know what you think of Spadek.

Spadek Description:
Play your way through five different levels and unlock new modes, music, and balls along the way. Test your reflexes with timer mode or your aim with drop mode, and share your high scores with your friends through Game Center or good old fashioned bragging!

-Minimalistic Graphics for that modern touch.

-Realistic Physics and inertia for added challenge and realism.

-Explore five different levels with time challenges, different ball types and much more coming in future updates.

-Reward your ears with state of the art sound effects and artfully crafted level soundtracks.

Game Modes:

Classic Mode: This is the default game mode. Tap the screen at the right time to drop a ball that has its own set of attributes including gravity, inertia, and bouncing properties. Try to get the ball into the carts that pass below.

Timed Mode: Player is given 10 seconds to drop the ball. If they donít succeed in successfully dropping the ball in 10 seconds the game is over.

Bounce Mode: Similar to the Classic Mode, but with an added bouncy property. For instance when the ball hits the edge of the screen it will bounce farther than normal.

Glider Mode: This mode has completely different properties than the other modes. As the name states, the ball will glide almost all the way across the screen which in turn will require the player to have amazing prediction skills and reaction speed.

Heavy Mode: This mode is the exact opposite of the Glider Mode. The ball type is a heavy ball that has almost no intertia thus hitting the carts at a much faster rate.


Upcoming Features:
New Skins
More Modes (Blitz Mode, ect...)
App & Game Improvements.
Android version coming soon.

Weíre always striving to improve Spadek in every way possible. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions please let us know in the comments.