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What is important to win in the mobile game market?

10-10-2012, 02:12 PM
What is important to win in the mobile game market?

I would like to discuss this subject, because actually many of my friends have broken their companies and I'm seeing a lot of people coming to try the luck in this market, so - What is important to win in the mobile game market?

I would like to start saying:

As said on GamesBrief - the important is the retention, I believe that is because today, with a lot of games, the demand of ads is increasing, so it is making the price of buying installs and buy ads to be so expensive... So, you can't lose users, because users attract more users, just it.

Perfect and innovative Game Design with social features
Of course, you need a very fun and sometimes innovative game that have some social features to keep the players playing and inviting friends.

Create a network

I realized that developers that won in this market are creating some kind of network to keep the player using their games. They use it creating a SDK (more games) or using Chartboost, or something like that.

---- What do you think about it?

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10-10-2012, 08:46 PM
As Wilson Kriegel, former executive from OMGPOP/Zynga, once said, execution is key.

You are competing against thousands of games at all times so consistency is critical. Improving your game, maximizing your resources, investing your time into doing things that are worthwhile, making sure you invest your money in stuff that is guaranteed a high ROI, cross promoting on multiple platforms, and most of all, making connections with people.

Players will play a game that other people are playing and a game that is worth playing.