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App description: *** PSF 2013 has been approved for sale on the App Store and should be available sometime on September 12! ***

*** This is the 2012 version of PSF - Look for PSF 2013, with Improved UI, achievements, primary team in Season play, new options, and more! ***

PSF brings you the most realistic football simulation on any device. Play a season against the computer or take on your friends with Game Center multiplayer!

You've been waiting for a strategy football game, a game where you win by knowing football, not by having the twitchiest fingers! If you enjoyed Strat-o-Matic or APBA football, welcome to the best strategy football game for iOS!

This game isn't for lightweights. You have to pay attention to your men's ratings, as well as your opponent's. Find their weaknesses and your strengths. If they find your weaknesses, find a way to fill it!

Playing the computer's one thing, but with Multiplayer, you can now try your hand at playing other people! Based on Apple's Game Center, you can have multiple ongoing turn-based matches against opponents anywhere in the world!

It's all here. Team and player ratings. Realistic penalties. Realistic turnovers. Weather effects.

No canned playbooks here! Design your offense on the fly, change your formation to fortify your call, or to completely mislead the defense. Change your pass pattern to hit their gaps or to try for the sidelines. Mix in screens and traps to slow their pass rush.

On defense, adjust your formation and coverage to stop the offense. Shift your defensive line. Key your opponent's best back or double-team his hot receiver. Design your blitz to nail them.

Manage the clock like a pro.

All your game stats are here - team, rushing, passing, receiving, total yards, time of possession, third downs converted, you name it.

Scout both of your teams' offensives, defenses, and special teams. See how your fieldgoal kicker fares at 31-40 yards.

You can also enjoy full Season Play! Play every week of the season. Pick any team any week, or follow one team through the whole season. Review every game from the season, with tape replay of every scoring play of every game. Look at League Leaders in dozens of offensive categories.

No Limits
- With the scenario editor, you can design any situation
- set rules to Regular Season or Playoffs
- save as many games as you like

Realistic football
- 32 teams with realistic team and player ratings
- clear skies, rain, or snow, with real effects
- REAL clock management, often the difference between winning and "oh so close"
- penalties and turnovers are affected by the weather, the plays, and the players
- exciting plays can happen just like in real life, whether it's a linebacker picking up a fumble and returning it for a touchdown or a desperate last-minute pass saves the day
- includes the latest playoff rules

Information at Your Fingertips
- Scouting Reports for teams and players
- Injury Reports
- Complete Game Stats
- In-game Help helps you learn both the game and the sport
- ask for advice from your assistant coach, who can even suggest a play

Thousands of Offensive Variations
- twelve offensive formations
- seventeen base offensive plays
- change your ball carrier or primary receiver
- select different passing routes
- mix in playaction, maybe a hot receiver
- choose strong left or right

Extensive Defensive Options
- six base formations (4-3, 3-4, Nickel, etc)
- shift or stunt your line
- focus on primarily defending run or pass
- change your coverage from Man to two-deep or three-deep zones
- change your keys, or double-team a receiver
- blitz any linebackers you choose

Multiple Coaching Selections
- play against another person, pass and play
- turn-based matches against opponents from around the world!
- play against the computer (he never cheats, never, just doesn't do it)
- run a computer-vs-computer simulation

visit http://www.prostrategyfootball.com for more info

aceyprime's comments:

Note that there's also an older free version called "Pro Strategy Football".
10-11-2012, 12:08 PM
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What the---
10-11-2012, 12:23 PM
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Is there a multi-season franchise mode?

If not, that would be what I pay 4.99 for.


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02-07-2013, 02:21 AM
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This game rocks. It's all strategy and play calling. Love playing this async.
02-07-2013, 02:36 AM
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Me too but there are some issues with async. There are many times when it will say its my move but when I open it, it says waiting on opponent. I also have 2 notification bubbles that I can't get rid of, I don't know what they are for.

But I agree, this game is all strategy.

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02-07-2013, 11:05 PM

I'm the developer for this app, and I've been chatting with a lot with users over on operation sports, but a fellow on my FB page pointed me to your site. I'm glad he did; great site!

I am currently thinking through ideas for the 2013 version, starting with completely revamping multiplayer by getting off Game Center and using my own. There are several advantages to this - asynchronous chat for one, but the main being that it would be possible for me to design multiplayer league play in which league members could play a week's games simultaneously.

I know some people want a career mode, which I'm also looking into as a separate app built around the same engine. PSF has always focused more on the flexibility of letting you choose any team at any time, rather than locked into one team. However, I know there are some who would like that option, so I am looking into it.

As for the current multiplayer, I agree, it's clunky, but I faced a hard design decision when I was designing it. Originally, I let you keep making calls as long as you had control, but this confused some people in testing. Here's an example. Say we start a match and I'm the visitor, but you're not in the match at the moment. Suppose I win the toss, elect to kick, choose to kick South, and then actually call my kick. When you log in, you'd be at the kick return screen, having missed all the intermediate screens.

So what I opted for was requiring that every control screen (e.g. not screens like stats or scouting) had to be seen by both players before you can advance. So, sometimes you'll get a notification that it's your turn, when all you're really doing is sending control.

I completely agree that this needs work, so at the very least, I'll offer the original design back as an option ("Fast Play"), and in 2013, display the plays/screens that you missed since you were last in that match.

I hope that helps, and I want to let you guys know that I am listening to suggestions and bug reports, and hoping to create a better version for 2013. I do work on this part time, so I'll have to prioritize, but my goal would be, over time, to make PSF or some derivative of it one of the best strategy games available.

Thanks for trying it, I hope you enjoy it!

(p.s. I'm working on a patch implementing some user suggestions and chat - it's limited chat for now, due to turn-based Game Center restrictions, so you can send a message only with your turn)