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App description: "Beach Buggy Blitz is an absolute triumph in iOS racing and will keep players glued to the screen"
- 148 Apps 4/5

Drive your hot-rod beach buggy as far as you can into the uncharted depths of a mysterious tropical island!

Swerve and smash through a gorgeously detailed and completely destructible world packed with Tiki statues, grass shacks, giant crabs and lava monsters. Explore sun-swept beaches, secret caves, fog-shrouded swamps, ruined temples and erupting volcanoes in this action-packed quest of discovery and mayhem!

Build a performance-boosting collection of upgrades and powerups! Unlock new vehicles like the Lightning muscle car and Rock Stomper monster truck. Upgrade your cars and customize their paint jobs. Collect wacky new characters. Unlock and upgrade amazing powerups like the fire-spitting Boost, the coin-tastic Coin Bubble, and a Shield that turns you into a unstoppable smash-everything force of destruction!


Infinite Drive Environment
Drive for miles and miles in a detailed procedural world that never plays the same way twice.

Tons of Unlockable Content
Unlock new cars and characters, upgrade cars, and improve your game with performance-boosting powerups and gadgets.

Intuitive controls
Easy to pick up and play, challenging to master. Supports tilt , touch-screen, and MFi game controllers!

Incredible physics
Detailed off-road powersliding physics with fully modeled, animated suspensions. From monster trucks to sports cars, every vehicle feels unique.

Game Center Enabled
Earn GameCenter Achievement points and compare your Leaderboard scores with your friends!

iCloud Support
With iCloud enabled, you can back up your save game and all your purchases, and even continue your game on multiple devices!


Please be advised that it is possible to make In-App Purchases within Beach Buggy Blitz.


If you encounter any problems running the game, please email a description of the issue, your device type and OS version to support@vectorunit.com. Thank you for your patience and support while we work to make this game 100% awesome.

Sanuku's comments:

10-11-2012, 10:04 PM
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Hmm, had this one on Nexus 7 for a while now. Interested to see if it plays tighter. Graphics are nice. And you can't beat free.

I don't like that, unless you grind grind grind, the game never lasts longer than 30 seconds. But that's what IAP is for.

Anyway, it's free, so I'll be giving it a shot once it releases on US shores


After a few goes, it's pretty much the same Android game of months back, but not as good looking- least on my 4S. And the water splashes are missing. What is it with these ported Android games lacking effects? A conspiracy, I tell ya.

Ok, this game is too simple to say anything more about it.

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10-11-2012, 10:39 PM
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Ok, haven't d/l this to my iPad yet, but been playing on my Tegra 3 tablet as well over the past month. It is a good game. Temple Run esque game in many ways, deserving of a 4/5 despite a cliched gameplay due to smooth controls and brilliant graphics.

The IAPs are not impossible here. They're kinder than Zaxxon Escape imho, which is paid. Fun game that starts off really slow but after a few upgrades you get the speed. Only problem is eventually you must die. The time obtained at checkpoints decreases throughout, so at some point you'll run out of time. My record is 33k, see if you can beat that!
10-11-2012, 10:39 PM
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I freaking love it. It`s the perfect Snack till Need for Speed: Most Wanted & Real Racing 3 will finally appear on the iTunes Store.


Originally Posted by russiaone View Post
After a few goes, it's pretty much the same Android game of months back, but not as good looking- least on my 4S. And the water splashes are missing. What is it with these ported Android games lacking effects? A conspiracy, I tell ya.
Not really a conspiracy. Nvidia is just helping the different Developers to get the most out of their Engines and in return those add most of the Time Effects to their Games that are only visible on the Nvidia Mobile GPU

So...if Apple would kinda do something similar too we would see those kinda of Effects on our iOS iDevices too.
10-12-2012, 12:58 AM
Joined: Sep 2009
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I am really enjoying this. Not sure how much grinding there will be but the game is a lot of fun.
10-12-2012, 06:28 AM
Joined: Jul 2012
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Its a weird mix of endless runner concept and a Kart racing environment..The visual are great as expected from vector unit..Since i've installed and played,been hooked for hours..

If ever they make a real kart racing game,I am sold!!
10-12-2012, 09:00 AM
Joined: Oct 2009
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Picked this up last night and it's pretty fun. Not sure if I'd compare it to behind-the-back runners like TR - particularly with the driving style controls. It's actually a lot like the old Outrun type games where you have to get to the next checkpoint to get more time.

BTW, I'm running it on a 3GS even though it says it's not supported....and it runs pretty smooth. Not sure if I'll hit some hitches as I play more.
10-12-2012, 11:13 AM
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Picked this up while waiting for the real deal-Need for Speed, and I have enjoyed playing with it. Haven't had any problems with it and it looks nice on my new ipad. Little taken aback, though, as it's kind of like an endless runner and you end up dying, which is a drag. Was hoping for a regular kart racer. You get a time limit and must make it through the checkpoints like Final Freeway or Outrun to get more time to continue on. I guess when you look at it like that it's not so bad. It is a grind playing over and over but it IS fun to me because the destructible environments, the sense of speed, and the graphics make me want to get further into it. There's IAP which can help you along if you choose, and there's coins you collect to buy said items as you go that kinda make the grind worth it, as they will help you to continue on. The dev is considerate in that he warns parents that there's IAP in there and to disable that if you want. Haven't used the tilt, but touch control works nicely and it runs smoothly. The different cars are cool too! All in all I'd say this is a good little nugget to find to kill some time and worth your while to check out.

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10-12-2012, 12:17 PM
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Downloaded this on a whim last night since it was free and looked decent in the screen shots. I must say, it's pretty fun and a good change from the "runner" type games coming along. This reminds me of a simple version of The Last Driver which is also quite fun.

I noticed that there are graphics options in the menu that allow you to reduce the resolution. I think that's a great idea to help scale the game to allow for more iphones/ipod touches/ipads to play the game, I wonder why it's not used more?

For those getting an iPod Touch 5G, the game runs flawlessly and is already setup to take advantage of the new resolution and screen size.

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10-12-2012, 01:00 PM
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Really nice game. Can anyone explain me, what the objectives bonus is? Still have 1% after several games.