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Attack Bots (by Pixel Stream)

11-09-2012, 04:13 PM
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Attack Bots (by Pixel Stream)

The short story:
This is our early prototype gameplay video of Attack Bots. It is a tower defense type game. Our game design and direction isn't final we are open to change the game direction. No target release date yet.

The long story:
We've spent about a month prototyping robot designs. We spent 2 months building the robots. It is suppose to be a tower defense type of game. I personally spent 2 weeks prototyping the game design using old code from Armada Galatic War. At the moment nothing is polished.

We had feedback on what it can become. Our team had even discussed about using the robots to create Armada 2 (RTS) and even making it similar to DOTA. Everything is pretty much up in the air. We ended up shelving the project due to other priorities in our studio. We are a really small studio (core team of 3) and working on 3D games takes a lot of resources for us.

I personally want to bring this project back to life but it really depends on the audience that will be interested. If I can get support from Touch Arcade's community then I can pull in more resources to getting this project up.

If anyone would like to chime in on what type of game they would like to see this become then feel free to chime in

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