"War Command" challenges CCGs for iPhone & iPad

02-23-2013, 05:18 PM
"War Command" challenges CCGs for iPhone & iPad

Hey everyone,
What the hell is War Command?
Short Answer: A CCG/TCG for the iPhone and iPad
Long Answer: It is not just another CCG. We have added the element of movements, (*yes kinda like Summoner Wars but totally different.) This is a new type of war strategy game. Keep in mind that this is coming for iPhone.
When is it coming?
Short Answer: May

More information:
Ok, if you're still reading this then consider for a moment a game of characters facing off, six versus six. On each side is a commander character, and the objective, kill the enemy commander before he kills you. The troops are in play move across the board to do just that. Whats is more is this is FREE to download and play. This game is moving forward. It is something to check out. Even the illustrations are amazing. If you have any questions feel free I will answer.
Fringe Games
War Command

Malice O'Conner
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02-23-2013, 09:42 PM
My apologies for the double posting. I am not intending to Spam anyone with this. I am however seeking any input or questions. I am genuinely interested in things and will be reading your forums, as well as responding. Thanks all, Malice O'Conner