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App description: Sudoku has changed!

If you love classic sudoku, mixed with innovative puzzle elements, you are in the right land!
Welcome to the Sugar Land, where we have innovated and forever changed the game you love to play.
Enjoy a challenging, fun, and sweet experience!
Travel through a beautiful world with Violet and her friends, solve addictive puzzles on your journey!

* Features:
Simple & Addictive game rule: No repeating candies on any row, column or color group.
Innovative gameplay mechanics.
Score satisfying combos as you fill more than one row, column or color group at the same time.
Compete with players around the world.
Beautiful sound, design and animation.

Free in the Appstore! Download today!

Eligraphicsjsc's comments:
Sugar Land: Sudoku Quest is now available on the App Store worldwide.
Experience a brand new approach to the Sudoku and Puzzle genres!
Get it now on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sugar-land-sudoku-quest/id1063627998
Eligraphics JSC is a subsidiary of Elinext Group. We specialize in mobile games, 3D and 4D attraction movies.
Additional information can be found at http://eligraphics.com
05-24-2016, 04:40 AM
well that didnt take long someone else trying to cash in

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05-24-2016, 06:39 AM
Originally Posted by hellscaretaker View Post
well that didnt take long someone else trying to cash in
This is made by the same dev as the Harvest Season Sudoku game. I couldn't care less about the candy aesthetic.

I enjoyed Harvest Season and this looks like it'll be even better. It seems to have taken all the mechanics that I liked from Harvest Season and gotten rid of all the mechanics I didn't like from Harvest Season (the conveyor belt). Now you can choose any piece to place which is great!!!
I don't even know what the IAP is yet. I'll keep playing to see if anything annoying happens like in Harvest Season but with these mechanics I honestly can't see anything going wrong.
My only complaint is that there are tons of levels here and the difficulty curve is about as shallow as it could possibly be, making this first world a bit tedious. Hopefully it gets a lot more challenging soon!
Definitely very casual so far it probably won't interest puzzle fanatics, just people looking for something relaxing.

It's essentially sudoku with a lot of sizes, irregularly shaped areas and a few extra mechanics that don't feel unfair at all (yet). Will update soon to see how this develops!

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Yesterday, 10:44 PM
hi hellscaretaker,
Thank you for your comment and suggessions. We are working on it to make it better. We'll update it soon.