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How much would you pay for an inapp-free game

10-17-2012, 07:26 AM
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How much would you pay for an inapp-free game

Particularly for those classic Japanese remake or port for iOS. They aren't cheaper (>$10) but they're inapp-free. Yet their sales don't perform well either. So how much would you pay for a non-freemium game on iOS with medium production value?
10-17-2012, 11:08 AM
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I can't really put a price on something I really want, like if a world of goo sequel came, I would pay probably up to $20 for it.
But if it's some game that looks good, that I don't have an emotional connection to (like being completely obsessed with the prequel, or have already played the game on another platform and loved it immensely)
Then I'd probably only pay around $5.99 maximum.(since it's a gamble.. Whatever price you pay for a game you haven't played is basically gambling.. Might be great, might be terrible.lulu can only spend what your willing to lose without being too pissed.. And I think around $5.99 would be the price for me. Anymore and I'd be fairly annoyed if the game was absolute crap. (even if others think something's amazing and write rave reviews, doesn't necessarily mean everyone will enjoy it)

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