App description: lost spiders forest trek
In an ancient deserted castle, some happy spiders were having fun on web in the bell tower. All in a sudden, an unexpected tornado blew away everything to a strange place. They landed in a creepy magic forest. They had to cross the forest for home. What are waiting for them in this magic forest? They met all kinds of weird things and danger. Some companion were lost and never found again. Until one spider discovered he could draw magic lines any way he wanted and thats how all the spiders got safely back home following his lead.
classic and sophisticated line drawing gameplay
Simply draw a line for spiders to walk and sometimes you need to collect keys and other items to get the spiders home. To win the game, get all the spiders back to the web within limited time. Dont leave out any spider or let anyone crawl out of the b

cartoonish spiders make people burst into laugh
Witty and lovely spider shape, humorous expression, funny sound effect, in addition to cowboy spiders and yellow spiders, black hairy spiders, creates a casual game style. From simple to difficult level design, clarity novice guidelines, the game is easy to get started, but if you want to get better and smooth, work on some strategies

Fascinating scenarios and modes
unique flavored scene modes, from lush dense forest to the fiery passion of the volcano mode, and dark mystery of the ultimate castle, each design lights up your explore desire. GameCenter is essential, you can view your ranking by uploading your score, come beat your friends!
Your fingers fast enough? Your eyesight sharp enough? Your mind flexible enough? Challenge this game full of fun and wisdom! Come race with more strategic plan!

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10-18-2012, 10:27 AM
anyone check this out?

if yah, what is it exactly? I get that it's a line drawing game... kinda sounds like lemmings type gameplay... are there puzzle elements? Is it more... action/speed/reflex oriented? A trailer would have been nice - looked on youtube and the publisher's site, but didn't find anything. =o/

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