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iPad: 'Sentences With Friends', well that's just Gadzookery

10-17-2012, 10:37 PM
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'Sentences With Friends', well that's just Gadzookery

Gadzookery, powered by dictionary.com is literally an acronym based 'Sentences With Friends' word game. Players earn points for their short sentence, and win/lose challenges against each other.

Players are dealt a target word, and then within a three minute timer create a sentence that has something to do with the target word and is also an acronym of it too. Stuck for words? There's a handy thesaurus right there on the keyboard. When the timer is up the sentence is automatically submitted. Here is where you'll see the other players attempts at creating a sentence off of the same target word and how many points they might be worth. If a player spots a spelling mistake, or a fake word, they can challenge it. If they're correct in their challenge they take all the points for that sentence. If they're wrong they lose the points for their own sentence to the player challenged. Multiple challenges on the same sentence results in the points being divided and shared.

Players earn one point for every letter used, and ten bonus points for creating a sentence inside the timer. Incomplete sentences lose 50% of their point value.

Target word is 'YOGURT' - Yummy Organisms, Gloppy Underrated Refrigerated Treat = 57 points
Target word is 'NYMPH' - Naughty Young Men Prefer Her = 34 points

Sound like fun? The game is currently being tested and is scheduled for release to the App Store within the next few weeks, November latest. There is both an iPad, and iPhone version.

Would love some feedback. Would you download and play it? Have any other questions about it? Let me hear them.

You can also share in its success too by helping with a last round of for profit funding at the following link http://www.appbackr.com/app/Gadzookery


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10-24-2012, 09:25 PM
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I started running a promo giving away a free physical box version of my 'sentences with friends' type acronym based game