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Draw Something Pro (Mini-Review)

12-07-2012, 02:37 PM
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Draw Something Pro (Mini-Review)


I just downloaded this today at the intro price of $2.99 and love it. The new interface gives much more room for drawing, as you can see from the screengrabs. No more dead white space on the sides! Woohoo! It maximizes the drawing space and minimizes the size of everything else. It also has a more intuitive pen size selection interface. It's also quicker scrolling through the colors since you can swipe through more colors with each swipe -- that was the biggest irritation of playing the old version, having to take forever to move across all the colors. This version doesn't totally solve it, but it's a step in the right direction!

I love the unlimited bombs, so no more scrambling to get 1600 points before running out of bombs. Ten new colors, which is nice, since I have every single color possible.

If you totally love Draw Something, and play it all the time, like I do, then it's worth $2.99 IMHO, but not necessarily worth $4.99, so get it now if you think you'll like it. But if you're a casual player, don't bother; stick with the free version and save your moola for games you LOVE.

Playing Draw Something Pro with other Ipad users

After playing the Pro version for awhile this morning, I thought a great feature would be to be able to pair up new matches exclusively with other Ipad players. Since that's not a feature yet, and since I couldn't find such a thread here on the forums, I thought I'd make it part of this thread. If you're looking for other Ipad players to play with, post your username here and we can get some matches going. Or just create a new match with me and tell me you saw this thread so I'll know you're not just random match. My username is bubblegumchmp. (Yes, the last four letters are purposely ambiguous -- is it champ, chimp, or just plain chump?)
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