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App description: In Glow Bugs, you play a ladybug who glides through the night, navigating around obstacles while avoiding other nasty insects. Collect aphids along your journey to power-up or transform your bug's look (aphids are delicious little bug snacks).

We love Glow Bugs so much, that we were inspired to write a poem about the game. Here goes...

Lady glow bug sets out at night,
Munching every tasty aphid in sight.
Other glow bugs can cause quite a scare,
Strong wings help her soar through the air.
Hidden treats increase her powers,
An exciting game amongst the grass & flowers.

If poetry isn't your thing, just picture those same lines laid down to a fierce hip hop track. Shakespeare, Keats, Kipling, Tupac, ODB, Easy E and Biggie would all be writing dope rhymes about the Glow Bugs game if they were alive today. No doubt. The game is just that inspiring and fly.

How do I love thee, Glow Bugs? Let me count the ways, yo:

Endlessly fun, bug-a-licious gameplay
Creepy, crawly insect enemies
Upgradeable, awesome power-ups
Customizable bug shells
Tons of objectives to boost your score
Game Center leader boards & achievements

Word to your glow bug.

Install Glow Bugs today. It's free!


Glow Bugs was developed by Phobic Studios and is distributed by Backflip Publishing, a division of Backflip Studios. Search the App Store for "Backflip Studios" for other absurdly fun games like Paper Toss, DragonVale, NinJump, Ragdoll Blaster, Strike Knight, Army of Darkness Defense, Shape Shift and more.

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Thanks for playing!

sink_or_swim's comments:
Just found this one on the AppStore, it's a pretty fun game and surprisingly there was no thread for it

10-18-2012, 07:32 PM
Joined: Mar 2011
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thanks for the heads up. honestly, from the look of the screen shots, i don't think this game will excite me much, but since it is free, and done by backflip, i be downloading this as soon as i can.

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