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Table Top Racing [Universal]

01-15-2013, 12:52 AM
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Definitely Instabuy for me! Looks awesome.
01-15-2013, 03:05 AM
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This looks crazy good, and makes me want it right now. Yummy. Please, soon.

01-15-2013, 08:39 AM
Hi Guys, let me tell you about some of the game modes.

There is several ways of earning coins in the game...

The first port of call is the Championship Mode. A string of unlocking events ending in a "Season Finale" - a multi-race Mini Grand Prix. All finales are combats races. However the events prior to that are more varied.

First up you have Hotlap. A single lap of a track against the clock. There are 3 times to beat, 1 star, 2 star and 3 star. As you cross the line on your rolling start you get given a single turbo. Where you use it is up to you. Now clearly depending on the track it can be useful out of a hairpin or up a hill, anything to maintain momentum and speed. Skidding too much will lower you speed too, so trying to stay smooth is important. As the game progresses these get tighter on time eventually you'll need upgrades ad perhaps some of the special wheels (all wheels come with a gameplay feature you you have to buy them with in game coins).

Next up is Pursuit mode. There's an opponent ahead of you on the track and you have to ram them. This starts easy, but again, you'lll have to think outside the box to beat the later ones. Good use of wheels and turbos are essential.

Then you have Pure Race - no weapons - just good careful driving, but keeping to a good smooth racing line should yield dividends. Know the circuit - keep momentum, upgrade if necessary.

Next up there's the Speed Trial, a multi lap time trial, but this time all the weapon boxes are Turbo's (no weapons boxes in hotlap). You're trying to string together multiple clean laps hitting as many turbos as possible. At the top end - the trick is knowing were NOT to use them because you're end up going too fast

Of course there's Combat mode - and this is can get messy. Collect the weapons and figure out how to best use them in each circumstance. The nice thing with the weapons s that on the surface - there appears to be very few, but how you use them and understanding the rules of them is key. All of them can be used offensively and defensively. You just got to find out what works. Once you master these, a slower car can beat a faster one with the right strategy applied. Some luck, some skill.... They have more depth than first meets the eye.

Lastly there is Elimination mode - this can be tough. 6 opponents - 5 laps, don't be in last place as you complete a lap. The guy at the back is dead. In each of these events you only need one star to move onto the next, but if you're like me - you'll probably want all three. The stars = money, money = upgrades, upgrades = more win's.

If you win a season finale, you get a car to take into the next championship. Now you can keep modifying you current car if you like, but each car has different levels of upgrades available so you can only go so far in the Championships with your old one. However there are also 'Special Events' that have stringent rules around which car you can use, so it's worth bearing in mind that even the first car you choose, will have a roles later in the game. The Special Events themselves are locked behind XP levels so as you play, more and more become available.

There are also also Special Car that can be bought - they are good performers and come with some upgrades bolted on already. Again some special event will be car locked so at some point you'll need these.

We've tried to set the game up in such a way that you don't HAVE to use the IAP, but if you want accelerate you progress you can buy bags of coins to spend on cars, upgrades and wheels.

On top of this there is 4 player Multi-player over Game Centre and six player over bluetooth or wi-fi.

Oh and there's a Quick Race option too - you can set up a basic racing and just have a blast - its another option for coins, but prizes for quick-races are less.

The 8 tracks are all reversible and play very differently at the bottom end to how they play at the top end. You'll eventually start experimenting and seeing where the short-cuts - trying things out and it working is great. There are 10 cars - all upgradeable, 5 special wheels, 4 paint jobs per car and a whole lot of fun to be had.

We've tried to make it fairly easy to get into, but if you know any of my previous games like Wipeout 2097, the top end is a challenge. You'd better get your twitch on

Hope you guys like what you've seen already. I'm just tuning some Special Events now, Chris is doing the pre-race camera and hopefully we will be launching within the next month.

Thanks for reading - Nick.

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01-15-2013, 08:44 AM
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This looks great !

BUT its all about the controls for me, seen too many games with great graphics but the controls let it down.

Are they on screen buttons ? Its not tilt only is it ?

Have you got a twitter account ? Find that great for iOS devs (Plus i'm anti-facebook !)
01-15-2013, 09:07 AM
All of that sounds absolutely amazing Nick!

I hope this has a higher price to reflect all the hard work you guys have put into bringing what sounds like a pretty full- featured racing experience to mobile. If it's less than $5 I may cry. Or maybe I'm just feeling generous because I still have leftover iTunes cards from Christmas? : )

Also, Wipeout is my favorite racing series of all time and I hope your new company continues to develop for iOS in the future!
01-15-2013, 09:49 AM
@psj3809 It s always in the controls - totally agree. The "feel" is good man - I promise. Very simple - Auto Accelerate, nice drifts to lose speed (well once you get fast enough anyway) - throwing into a corner early and just nosing the apex is great. The touch controls are a vertical strip on the left and right that steer - you can't miss them because its the full height of the screen - works for all hand sizes too - even though there are apparent buttons on screen, the fact is, in all the excitement, on most touch screen games you can miss the on screen buttons - I hate that - we get round that by making the edges the buttons. Then you simply drop you thumb down to activated a pickup - or if you're wearing special wheels, you drop you left thumb down when you need to activate that. With Wheel Weapons you get one per lap, regular weapons - mystery boxes

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01-15-2013, 09:50 AM
@Sweetdis Out initial plan was $2.99 and then you can spend more in game if you want. I think when you see it running you'll know it's worth more than a beer LOL

Also - if people start spreading the word and the love for TTR we'll obviously get on and make some new games. This is out first and so if you like it do what you can to get people to buy it. So noisy out there in app land Hard to get heard above it but were trying hard.

@PlayriseDigital (twitter)
01-15-2013, 01:06 PM
Originally Posted by nburcombe View Post
@Sweetdis Out initial plan was $2.99 and then you can spend more in game if you want. I think when you see it running you'll know it's worth more than a beer LOL

Also - if people start spreading the word and the love for TTR we'll obviously get on and make some new games. This is out first and so if you like it do what you can to get people to buy it. So noisy out there in app land Hard to get heard above it but were trying hard.

@PlayriseDigital (twitter)
It's getting some very good coverage this week and a lot of praise so I'm optimistic enough to say it'll make some noise of its own.
As its the groups first mobile game that I know of but some of you have a very impressive development history on other platforms, it looks like its going to be big.
Plus, lets face it, its a very cool concept, the visuals are top notch, the fun factor definitely seems to be there and at less than I normally pay for a good cup of coffee (of which I consume about 12 a day), I can't think of any reason not to get it.
Best of luck with it.
01-15-2013, 02:39 PM
Thanks very much for the encouragement guys. Its been a lot of hard work. The permanent team is only three people. But they are good people