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App description: Features :

- Drain the DNA and Shapeshift into any characters in the dungeon
- 3D RPG/Adventure
- Open World Dungeon
- Upgrade the skill tree of each character
- Solve Puzzles
- Great 3D graphics
- Triple A iPad game

Story :

Once Upon a time

The story takes place in the besieged world of Barrilian, which is being devastated by the dragon hordes. In small village, pillaged and left to burn, not one soul was spared except for two babies; one recovered by the dragons and the other by a mysterious mage

20 years later, a vicious tyrant has taken over the people of Barrilian, forcing them into slavery by using the influence he has over the dragons. By making the people extract precious stones from mines which enhance his magical skills, the citizens are unwillingly witnessing the gain of magical strength in the dictator.

A young man named Dysan will perhaps change everything

*** Work with iPad 2 and 3 only ***

strivemind's comments:
10-20-2012, 05:01 AM

One Dungeon Tech Demo that currently run as unstable and unpolished as I had expected it. I probably won`t even bother to try it a second Time since I have already requested an Refund from Apple a few Minutes ago.