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Developer Needed for IOS/IPAD Game Demo

10-21-2012, 03:42 PM
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Developer Needed for IOS/IPAD Game Demo

I'm looking for a couple of people to help build a demo/proof of concept of my game Monster! Specifically I'm looking to collaborate with a animator/illustrator and a programmer/developer to help build a 2d side scrolling adventure for iOS. The main focus of the project at this point is to create a functioning single level of the game to showcase the games characters and elements. This concept will be used to demo and raise funding to complete the game. The team would be volunteer to start but after funding is established the work would continue on a paid basis to complete. More details will be discussed with interested parties. Below are some guidelines for what I'm looking for in a team member as well as some artwork from the game.

Looking for people with game making experience (primarily developer)
Experience in Unity a plus
Need a developer who can collaborate well
Initial demo project timeline - around 6 weeks
Being near the Minneapolis area a big plus but not necessary
Looking for people that want to collaborate and making something great
If successful, other opportunities would be available

Monster! is a 2d puzzle platformer where the player must defeat gigantic beasts that threaten the lives and lands of your people. You journey through the game as either Bruce or Lenny, best friends and helping each other in capturing the five fragments of the Amulet of Oogle. The amulet gives the wearer the power to speak/control the great beasts. Bruce and Lenny must navigate through five treacherous lands in search of these pieces in order to save there homeland.

The game has a distinct, eye-catching art style, with the foreground, including the characters, rendered in silhouette, while the background elements are treated in rich, vivid, jewel-tone colors. The game also uses multiple levels of parallax scrolling to create depth and immersion, along with lighting and particle effects to complete the look of each land. The gameplay is similar to other 2d platformer titles. Characters are controlled by moving left or right through the level. Each character also has a special ability such as flying/hovering or climbing walls. Players can switch control between the two main characters in the game in order to access different areas or acquire an out-of-reach item.

For more information contact myself (Chad) via the forum or PM me at chad[at]revestudios[dot]com
10-21-2012, 11:37 PM
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Send a message via AIM to kohjingyu
You might want to list down what/how you will be paying (revenue share, flat rate, etc), that might generate more interest.