11-02-2012, 11:36 AM
I never found the point where there was a skill needed other than being able to lift your finger from one tile to the next. It seemed, from the first few screens worth of gameplay, that the only thing you did in the game was press the tile next to you, wait for an animation, then press the next. What a worthless experience.
11-06-2012, 02:40 AM
And here I thought they finally begin to make sense with their release of 'Symphonica'.. it's like they went downhill with releasing this kind of game..

I bet that the 'big update' won't change anything fundamental. If anything, it may just add more ways to get you to spend more on the game..

11-06-2012, 07:51 AM
Originally Posted by bramblett05 View Post
Games suited for little kids like this have the what I call iap whore where little kids beg to parents they want something 9.99 or up and parents can't resist them because hey they aren't tearing things up or screaming like a banshee so they get it for them. If this funds a good square enix game I'm all for it because they need it for iOS (demon score) but count me out of tipping the tip jar.
As a parent of young kids in a circle of people with young kids, that is NOT how it works. In over 3 years of iOS gaming with young children there has been a single $1.99 purchase in DragonVale exclusively for a kid. For the other families I know, the grand total in a similar amount of time is $0 (they think I"m way too permissive with the $2 ).

I'll buy shared IAP like coin doublers and the like if *I'm* playing the game, but consumable IAP is off limits. They simply lack the judgement to use it so, instead, I use these games to teach them about saving toward bigger things. These games are more like, "Well, you can earn/receive around 5 crystals a day and that costs 60 crystals, so if you can hold off on spending them on anything else for about 2 weeks, it's yours". The beauty is that this has worked wonders on teaching impulse control - they've even turned down game currency as a special reward where I'll offer them the choice of $5 worth of game currency or a small toy from the store, and when it's the either/or of some pixels or something they can touch and play with, they have, so far, chosen the physical gift every time.

And, fwiw, this game wasn't even remotely interesting to either kid. The "combat" system was too complex and frustrating while the gameplay was pure meh. They're much more into things like Gizmonauts, Meego Village, and Happy Street where you are doing something they find satisfying and interesting.

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Originally Posted by bramblett05 View Post
Well i mean some parents not all. But "games" like snoopy and smurfs and mole village are insane in that department
I have little doubt that it is primarily adults driving those games as well. I used to spend some attention on the FarmVille forums - it was mind blowing the number of housewife types that would post about how they were dropping $30 at the beginning of each month to buy "nice things".