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App description: Hatch your very own Alien on a far away space ship. Give your new space age virtual pet a name and then look after it and watch it grow up.

Its visual appearance changes as it grows up. Your Alien will look different depending on how you treat it!

* Feed your Alien pet a choice of exotic fruits and food.
* Collect fuel for your ship as you take your pet for walks
* Adopt an Alien from the Alien Hatchi Adoption Planet
* Play mini games
* Exercise and Educate your Alien or they will get sick!
* Level up your fuel collector to better care for your pet as it gets older.

Alien Hatchi is a modern, full-color virtual pet with the most adorable animations and features. Alien Hatchi is a cousin of Hatchi, the retro-looking virtual pet app that quickly rose to become one of the best-selling iPhone games in the US, UK, Australia and many other countries, and was featured in the Touch Arcade best of 2012.

Treat your Alien Hatchi differently to see the many different forms of child, teenager, and adult.

Optimised for the iPhone 5 tall screen.

gregorun's comments:
Portable Pixels need YOU for a top secret mission to look after and nurture a rare egg containing an extraterrestrial life form. Once hatched, your Alien Hatchi will need to be fed, cleaned and guided through several stages of evolution. There are many different forms your Alien Hatchi can take depending on how well you care for them, but if neglegted, they will die -- which could be bad for everyone on Earth!

A successfully raised Alien Hatchi will be smarter, happier, and require less attention. The objective is to successfully care for the Alien Hatchi until it is a fully grown adult able to get back to his own planet.

Use your device's built in location funtionality to collect fuel as you take your Hatchi for walks. Manage your fuel to care for your pet, buy ship upgrades and other exciting extras!

Get your Alien Hatchi now!

Alien Hatchi is available in the App Store
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Thanks - I think!
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I'm tempted to get this just cause it looks cute but I the other Hatchi game is so boring so I'm not sure that I'll bother.