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App description: Start stuffing stuff in a turkey in TURKEY STUFFIN, a hilarious holiday warmup!

You're on the clock to jam this fine fowl full of tasty concoctions to prove your poultry stuffing prowess by creating the fattest, tastiest turkey in the world!

But Turkey Stuffin' aint all rosemary and yams. Overstuff the bird and you'll yield a massive mess that no Pilgrim should ever have to witness.

Use the correct combinations of items to mix secret fowl fattening recipes including The Turdrunken, Fowl Language, Return to Sender and Butter Ball. You'll even earn Game Center Achievements for getting your hands and elbows dirty.

Turkey Stuffin truly is a... load of fun!

- Purdy Pictures: A humorously illustrated turkey.
- Tons o Stuff-ins: Scads of stuff-ins including finger foods, condiments, silverware, electronics and more!
- Silly Sounds: An extensive soundtrack of silly and stupid turkey sounds.
- Scores Galore: A pitiful excuse of a rating system that tells you exactly how tasty and fat you made your turkey.

The best time Ive ever had shoving stuff into a bird! Phil Wright
Turkey Stuffin? Oh, I get it. Now *thats* funny. Jasmine Rice
Ive played this game for years. Its called cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Now please be a dear and go set the table. Your Mom

PLEASE NOTE: No animals were harmed in the making of this game. Except the one turkey. And it probably deserved it.
11-23-2012, 08:05 AM
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Based on some digging up, this game is by the guys behind Fireburst (game on Steam). Not played it yet but can confirm there are zero IAPs.

Dev seems to have a knack for humour too, which is probably a good sign.